Top 5 Free HyperCam Alternatives

Top 5 Free HyperCam Alternatives

Looking for some free HyperCam alternatives? What are some of the best programs that performs almost the same or even better than HyperCam? Here we take a look at 5 best HyperCam alternatives for your gameplay and instructional demo screencasting needs.

These programs are quite better in recording your screen and activities that happens on your screen so that you can make screencast, tutorials, slideshow presentation in video, gameplay recording and other stuff you like to record from your computer. Most of these programs are FREE but some might require you to subscribe to their plan to fully use its functions. There is however one total freeware that will not require you or need you pay anything cost at all to use all its features. You should watch out for free versus freeware. They are free in a sense that you can use them for a limited time offer while freeware are programs which you have it free forever.

So if you are looking for some programs to record your screen, here are your top 5 free HyperCam alternatives:

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Ezvid is a free video maker and at the same time a screen recorder & screen capture program for Windows. It’s a great tool to use for any of your screen recording needs and it can even record screen entirely. It is perfect for recording gaming videos, desktop, online streaming from your browser, and slideshows from your PowerPoint as it instantly record your screen and everything that happens on your screen. It now can capture voice and video simultaneously. A great feature you can use if you want to make commentaries of your video or gameplay footage. Plus it renders your video at 720 x 1280HD, well optimized for sharp display on YouTube. It’s a great slideshow maker!

Undoubtedly the easiest screen capture program with just one click of a button. Plus, it uploads to YouTube fast and integrates video editing function on its software allowing you more flexibility in using the program. No need to look for another software to edit as it has it all. No registration required not even a subscription or sign-up required to download the program. Just press the “download button” and you’re there.

Get to know more about EZVID and check out this awesome video captured using EZVID for Minecraft. More videos at

ezvid screen recorder and video editor for youtube | Top 5 Free Hypercam Alternatives


Camtasia is another screen recording & a video editing software BUT not a freeware program. You can however try it for some days but after trial period expires, you may need to buy it to use the program and all its features. So if you are looking for some freeware, then Camtasia is not the right stuff for you. However, some of the features Camtasia offers are: it can record screen and allows you to customize the region to capture, it can also edit screen recordings, customize themes using animated backgrounds, and easily shares videos to other viewers.



Jing is another free screen recording program you can use other than HyperCam. It can make screencasts and record your voice at the same time you capture activity on your screen. And its also a great tool to capture screenshots of your computer screen. You have the option to customize the area of capture from your screen however you can record only up to 5 minutes of onscreen video. So again, if you are into making videos longer than 5 minutes, then Jing is not the right one for you. It also does not have editing function and is just merely a screen capture program you can use. Once you are done recording, Jing processed it automatically and you can view it through a link so as a user, you have very limited capability to edit your video.



CamStudio is a free screen recording software that allows you to record screen activities and save your videos or captured screen in AVI format. It is a freeware program however functions and features are very limited. Like Ezvid, it can also capture audio and video at the same time but currently, lots of users are experiencing problems using this software now.



Webinaria is another open source freeware program perfect for recording software demos and tutorials. However, it creates flash recordings AVI to FLV so not good in quality. It can record voice and at the same can edit your recordings as well. But you need to sign up first to use Webinaria.



Fraps happens to be another free alternative to HyperCam but it’s not totally free at all. In order to use fully its function, you need to buy or subscribe to the plan to use its features. The Free version just allows you record at some point but very limited. It also produces low in FPS thought you can see its frame rate per second during recording. It can also be a screen capture software and another program to record in-game videos BUT fraps doesn’t have a video editing capability integrated so you still need a video editor in order to edit videos and to upload videos on YouTube.


Overall, still Ezvid is the best way to use as an alternative to HyperCam. It uploads to YouTube fast. It is 100% freeware. It records voice and video simultaneously. It has music soundtracks which are all 100% safe for use in YouTube and its super easy to use.