Ezvid Inc. is a California-based software and media company established in 2010. Our notable contributions to the world of technology include Ezvid, a full-featured video editor and screen recorder, which has been used to create millions of videos for YouTube, Facebook, and other user-generated content websites.

Our website Ezvid Wiki is active in the world of consumer products and commercial services, and uses our proprietary video creation software stack to create some of the most entertaining and informative non-fiction video guides on the internet.

Our newest beta projects include botDB, the world's authoritative database of consumer robotics, Ezvid Rank, a user-generated entertainment portal, and Fakefilter, a project that helps consumers sift through the internet's fake reviews.

Our team of developers, writers, artists, and voice-over talent is currently about forty people, and we're constantly on the lookout for new collaborators. Don't hesitate to contact us to start getting involved.

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