How to Create and Tell a Photo Story For YouTube


Whether you want to share a photographic story of your vacation, or a fictional story using your own artwork, telling a photo story on YouTube can be interesting, entertaining, and fun to create. Ezvid is a great alternative to Photo Story for windows XP, Microsoft’s slideshow program.

Creating a photo story is easy using ezvid – a free video maker for Windows.  Just visit to download ezvid.  Then, with ezvid open, drag and drop your pictures into ezvid.  From there, you can arrange your pictures, and add text slides and/or narration to tell your story to your audience.  Ezvid also has a wide variety of royalty free music to give your video a unique mood and feel.

Once your story is complete, give it a title, description, keywords, and a category, then click the ‘upload to youtube’ button to send your video straight to YouTube.
Ezvid is fast, easy to use, and free.  Visit to download ezvid for Windows for free.