Make A Video With Pictures And Music For YouTube

Make A Video With Pictures, Photos And Music For YouTube

Wanna learn the tips and tricks of how some of the users in YouTube with having most views make a video? If you are keen on some of those popular YouTubers, they do make videos pretty simple yet very captivating because it is coupled with the right amount of ideas plus simplicity and style. Even just making a simple video with pictures and music alone for YouTube can be a powerful video that would go viral if you just know the trick.


Today, I’m going to teach you how you can make a video with pictures and music for YouTtube by just simply using still images. Well, the trick is it is how you title your video in a way that it captures audience/viewers. Now you know, right? But of course, in order to create a video you need to have the right video maker plus you need to conceptualize what pictures and music you should use for YouTube. It must be hot or what is currently trending right now or it must be ahead of the game, not merely imitating what others have already but you must be the trendsetter of something.  So stay on top of the news, know the upcoming events (of your favorites), and make a video of it.

As far as the right video maker, I recommend you use Ezvid. Ezvid is a freeware video and slideshow maker for Windows 7, XP, and Vista. I suggest Ezvid because Ezvid can import still images and video, and it can upload finished videos directly to YouTube. Know more about Ezvid and its awesome features

So now that you have downloaded Ezvid and you now have pictures ready, you are now also ready to create a video. So here is a simple tutorial that will guide you through the process:

1. Install Ezvid on your computer. Here is a quick video tutorial on how to install Ezvid on your computer. 

2. Once installed, click on the “Ezvid” icon found at your desktop and you will be taken to the Ezvid interface (as seen in the image below)

ezvid icon at desktop | Make A Video With Pictures And Music For YouTube

ezvid interface | Make A Video With Pictures And Music For YouTube

3. At the Ezvid interface, click the “add media” icon to add pictures you have prepared or want to make a video with.

Make A Video With Pictures And Music For YouTube | click on import media icon with ezvidMake A Video With Pictures And Music For YouTube

4. You can either click one picture and hit “Open” or you can choose all of the pictures by pressing Ctrl + A and click “Open”

click all and click open

5. Once you click the “Open” button, Ezvid will process it in just a matter of seconds and now you will see your imported pictures in the Ezvid interface as well as on the timeline.

Make A Video With Pictures And Music For YouTube | ezvid processing pictures

Make A Video With Pictures And Music For YouTube | ezvid slider timeline

6. You can extend the length of time of your pictures by dragging the pictures going right. Simply place your cursor on the picture you want to drag the length. See this video for more information. //

ezvid timeline | Make A Video With Pictures And Music For YouTube

NOTE: You can always rearrange sequence of your pictures, go to the picture you want to drag and wait for the hand icon to show then drag it.

While on the timeline, you can edit your pictures to give a more personalized touch on your video. There are three ways to edit: Either add a text, add a background music, or record your own voice. Ezvid has all these nice features you can play with

7. To add a background music to your video, click on the “song” icon to choose what type of song you will use (as seen in the picture below). The arrow will indicate the Ezvid Music Library. Please Note: Ezvid does not allow importing MP3 files currently to avoid copyright issues and so Ezvid included twenty five free soundtracks, which are guaranteed to be YouTube legal. Feel free to choose and preview them

Ezvid music library

8. To preview a song, simply click on the song and hit the “play” button (see image below). If you are not satisfied with the song, you can choose another one and preview it again until you found the right soundtrack for your video

Make A Video With Pictures And Music For YouTube | preview play button

9. To add a text message, simply click on the “T” icon below the import media icon as indicated by the red box.

Make A Video With Pictures And Music For YouTube

10. You can then personalize more the video by adding a description, keywords , title of your video and choose the correct category of your video. Remember: Your title must be catchy and trending.

add title keywords description

11. If you want to add commentary to your pictures, you just simple click on the “Mic” icon to add your own narration

add narration icon

12. Once you are done, you can click the “Upload to YouTube” button located on the lower right portion of the EZVID interface. See picture below

upload to youtube button


13. Once the upload button is clicked you will need to agree to the YouTube terms and conditions. See the picture below

youtube terms and conditions

14. After clicking the “agree button” it will prompt you to logon to your YouTube account. Click the “login to Google account” button. After filling the logon credentials, you are now on your way to uploading your video. Wait for your video to be saved, rendered and successfully uploaded.

login to Youtube account1

To know it’s successful, you will be prompted with a message “click here to watch your new YouTube video” and that’s it. You are done with your video creation.

click here to watch your new video on youtube message

With EZVID, you have the direct access to uploading directly to YouTube. Unlike the other Video editing software out there which will make you save the movie first in your Computer then upload it manually. EZVID does the job of uploading your videos directly without any hassle and it’s FREE.

Stay tuned for more cool and fun tutorials from us. Have fun -)