How To Remove Fraps or Bandicam Logo Or Watermark (Windows)

We’ve all been in the same situation – we find something we would love to use, whether it be a video or photograph, but it’s protected by a watermark. Those pesky, pesky watermarks.

And if you’re a gamer, and you are acquainted with screen capture software like Bandicam, this can be most obnoxious. You want to share your gaming videos with the world, not a video of a giant logo.

So exactly how does one remove Fraps and Bandicam watermarks?…that’s rhetorical, it’s a watermark! Sorry, can’t remove those. Not unless you feel like thumbing through endless program folders searching for some form of a .PNG file. I don’t know about you, but who has time for that?

But to be fair, Fraps and Bandicam watermarks only appear on their free-trial verisons. Of course, you can purchase the software for $37 and $39, respectively, and your videos will be sans watermark. And for those of you thinking you can live with a Fraps watermark, because – hey, it’s free! – keep this in mind; the unregistered version of Fraps has a strict 30 second record time limit… some people can’t even get out of bed in 30 seconds.



Luckily, there is a freeware available that gives you the option to add or remove watermarks. And that freeware is Ezvid – a video editor equipped with a screen capture tool.


Download Ezvid from here.

With Ezvid, you are given the liberty to add your own watermark, or upload your video without one. But this isn’t the only great feature Ezvid offers. For gamers and average users alike, Ezvid makes all aspects of screen capture and video editing a breeze. Ezvid conveniently records your screen in HD and in real-time – no more fearing video lag! To edit, you can rearrange the media in the timeline by clicking and dragging, split and duplicate media, control the speed of movie clips, add text slides, speech synthesis, and add background music to fit your video from a huge list of songs. Not only that, but Ezvid is fully integrated with YouTube – which means, to upload your finished video to YouTube all you have to do is push the “upload to YouTube” button. What did I tell you? – easy. Did I mention Ezvid has a video timeline length of 45 minutes? Very nice.

All of this is available to you, 100% free of charge – forever and ever.