How To Record Facebook Chat

How To Record Facebook Chat

Want to record your chats on Facebook? Are the programs you currently know of has its limits and won’t let you record the way you want it? Wish to have some programs that can record longer than 5 minutes? Then we can give the best solution for you – use Ezvid – a free screen recorder and a video editor for Windows as well

Ezvid has made another great revolution as now, it can record audio and capture screen simultaneously. With the newest Ezvid today, it gives you more functionality and flexibility to record your screen the way you want it. Plus, it integrates game recording feature and speech synthesis feature where no other video makers have. Comes with a very unique, neat, and user-friendly interface design, Ezvid is by far the world’s easiest screen capture and screen recording software made for Windows.

Ezvid runs in almost a variety of windows platform – from XP SP3 to Vista, 7 and its Windows 8-ready.

Ezvid is able to capture screen and even Facebook chat you wish to cover. While it captures screen, it also lets you capture your voice with just one click of a button. It also saves your projects automatically, add background music which are 100% safe and copyright-clean, and then lets you upload to YouTube without problems, delays, and errors. Everything is made easy for you.

Because Ezvid captures the whole area of your screen, there is a tendency that texts appear smaller and unreadable. So we suggest you use Magnifier tool from your Windows (it’s free) so the recorded screen looks much closer or bigger in text. Will get into this details much deeper as we move along.

So download Ezvid now! And will show you how to record Facebook chat. It’s going to be so easy and would not even take you longer than 5 minutes.

1. Download Ezvid Free Screen Recorder & Video Editor for Windows, first. Make sure you have the latest one. If you already have downloaded Ezvid before, update your version.


2. Once download is complete, install the software on your PC to start using it right away. Installation won’t actually take that long, just a few minutes, and then you’re good to go.

3. Once it’s installed, open Ezvid by clicking the Ezvid icon usually at your desktop. Once you opened Ezvid, you should see this very neat interface (see image below)

Ezvid interface

Now that you have opened Ezvid, you are now ready to record your chats on Facebook.

4. So go to and then log in to your Facebook account.



 5. Then its best recommended to use “Magnifier Tool” from your Windows (just go to search then type in Magnifier and it will show up) before start capturing especially if your recording is Facebook chat, so texts appear bigger on screen.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to use magnifier tool with Ezvid:


6. Then go back to Ezvid and click on “capture screen” – this will capture your screen but it will not capture your voice during the recording.

capture screen

A countdown timer shows up and when it disappears it means recording is now active and has been recording your screen already.

7. Once you are done recording chats from your Facebook, hit the “stop” icon and Ezvid will automatically process the file and imported right away on Ezvid timeline.

ezvid stop feature

8. Captured Facebook chat now on Ezvid timeline ready for editing – either you want to add some text captions, add some music to spice it up more, splice or duplicate the recorded file, speed it up more or slow it down, etc

facebook chat

9. To add some text captions is very easy – just click the add text icon (as seen here in the image below)

add text caption

sample text ezvid text editor

10. If you’d like to have some background music – then just go over the Ezvid music list and choose song you like. All are 100% free and safe for use at YouTube so hover over a song and give it a try.

ezvid music library

Your videos are being saved automatically and can be found when you click on “load projects” and it will then show your saved projects. You may either load your project or delete it.

ezvid saved projects

Once everything is good to go, add title, description and keywords to your video.

ezvid title description keywords

Then click on upload to YouTube – to up it on YouTube. You have to agree to YouTube Terms & Conditions and must be logged in to your YouTube account for the upload to be successful.

upload to youtube

Once uploaded, you can view your uploaded video to YouTube and then share on Facebook to your friends. That’s it. I have taught you how to record Facebook chat, now it’s your turn to record and give it your best try. Let me know if it works or you run into some problems by commenting below! Cheers and have fun with Ezvid.