5 Easy Steps To Make A YouTube Account (Do It Now!)

How To Make A YouTube Account

YouTube is the most popular video sharing site and is the second largest search engine today. It’s a place to bring all your videos to popularity and so millions of people create account with YouTube. However, if you are finding it hard to open an account with YouTube, not anymore as today, I’m going to show two easy ways to make a YouTube account.

Note: You might want to start here to make sure you’re going to do this right!

Of course, you just need an internet connection to start with. So here’s how to make a YouTube Account. The first option is:

1. To go to YouTube.com

youtube url

2. Click “Create An Account”. Because Google and YouTube are now partners, for every account you created with YouTube, you have an associated gmail address instantly.

create account tab

3. So type in the information needed on these fields (as seen in the image below)

account info | How To Make A YouTube Account

4. Check the box “I agree to the Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy”

youtube terms conditions | How To Make A YouTube Account

5. Click “Next Step”

click next step | How To Make A YouTube Account

6. Google asks to verify your account. You can either verify through Text Message or Voice Call. Choose what’s best for you. And choose the “Country” you are living and enter a “Phone Number” and then click “Send verification code”

verify account | How To Make A YouTube Account

8. In a few seconds, Google will send the code to your number. Enter the code and then click “Verify”. It will then direct you to a page to complete your Google profile. You can either choose to complete this later or right away.

verification code | How To Make A YouTube Account

10. However, if you go back to YouTube.com and hit “Sign In”, you will be logged in automatically and you shall receive a notification which says, “You are now registered with YouTube!” and now you are ready to upload videos you own, to comment, customize your channel, and to subscribe and make friends with other YouTubers!

youtube registration | How To Make A YouTube Account

That’s the first option on how to make a YouTube account. Now the second option of creating a YouTube account is by downloading a free video maker for YouTube called Ezvid. What is nicer with this second option is that you can actually make a video first and then when you hit the “upload to YouTube” button it will give you the option to create a YouTube account, if you don’t have one yet. Wait, let me show you the steps and I’ll tell you this is pretty fast and works perfectly well. Just follow the steps outlined below:

1. Go to Ezvid.com and download Ezvid Free Video Maker for YouTube

ezvid free slideshow maker for Youtube | How To Make A YouTube Account

2. Install Ezvid on your computer. Here’s a quick video tutorial that will help you with the installation if you don’t know how to: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vcHRG-ZVCk

3. Open Ezvid and create your first video using this tool. It’s pretty simple, just drag and drop pictures you wanna create a video, or you can make a how-to video, a promotional video using pictures or clips, etc.

drag and drop | How To Make A YouTube Account

Once it’s up on the timeline, you can either add music, record voice or add some text slides.

4. To add a music to your video, just go over to Ezvid music library and then choose the songs you like the best fit your video. Hover over a song and it will play automatically.

ezvid music library

5. To add voice to your video, simply click the “mic” icon and make sure your microphone is on as it captures the audio immediately after you click the icon.

record voice

6. If you want to add some text slides, click the “add text” icon and it will display the Ezvid text editor where you can choose font styles and colors you want. Click “Finish” after you’re done with your slide.

add text | How To Make A YouTube Account

7. Always put a title, description and keywords to your video or it will not allow you to upload your video to YouTube.

add title description keywords

8. When everything is all set, preview your video once more.

preview video | How To Make A YouTube Account

9. When you are satisfied with it, it’s time to click “upload to YouTube” button. upload to youtube | How To Make A YouTube Account

10. Agree to YouTube Terms & Conditions

agree to youtube terms | How To Make A YouTube Account

11. Once agreed, it will then ask you to login to your youtube account. However, right beside that tab is a “create an account” tab. Now you can put your login info you have one already. If you don’t have an account yet, then click “create an account” and this will now direct you to a YouTube page to create your new account. (First option, Step 2)

create account using ezvid

Just repeat the process you have read on Step 2 of the first option such as filling in the information and then follow the process until you have completely & successfully created an account. And that’s it.  You just made a new account with YouTube using Ezvid Free Slideshow Creator for Windows. Not only that, you have also created and uploaded your first video on YouTube right away.