How To Make A Slideshow From Flickr

How To Make A Slideshow From Flickr

Ever wished to create beautiful picture slideshows using Flickr and share it on YouTube? Learn how to make a slideshow from Flickr in easy, simple steps.

Flickr is one of the best places to upload and to share your life in photos as well. To upload pictures to Flickr, you can simply log in with your Google, Facebook, Yahoo account or sign up if you still haven’t, it’s free. Then start uploading photos you’d like to share to the whole world.

flickr sign in |  How To Make A Slideshow From Flickr

However, one essential way to maximize the use of Flickr is to create a slideshow and share it on YouTube. So we will use photos from Flickr and I tell you, the steps are very easy. So in this article, I will show you how you can make amazing picture slideshows using pictures from Flickr. It will surely amaze you and I know its’ going to be that easy as we will be using a user-friendly tool as well that will do the rest for you. All you have to do is download the software called Ezvid and let’s get it started.


1. Download Ezvid Free Slideshow and Video Creator for YouTube.  Latest release is Ezvid

2. Install Ezvid on your computer once you’re done downloading the app. Ezvid is a Windows application and works pretty well in almost Windows OS platform

3. Once installed, open Ezvid. Usually, you see this interface below when you open Ezvid.

ezvid interface | How To Make A Slideshow From Flickr

4. Go to, sign-in and then at the “Search” tab, put any search term or phrases that you wanna make a slideshow with.

How To Make A Slideshow From Flickr

5. You should see “Everyone’s Uploads” interface and it will show you the available photos you searched for.

available photos | How To Make A Slideshow From Flickr


6. Choose only pictures that are allowed for you to download as some authors disabled downloading their photos so watch out for those restrictions. We need to download the pictures for us to import it on our Ezvid’s timeline.

7. To download pictures from Flickr, hit “Actions” tab and click “view all sizes”. Choose picture sizes beyond 720p so that it appears wide on our YouTube screen. So in this example, choose dimension 1024 x 698 then right click and hit “Save As.”

click action | How To Make A Slideshow From Flickr

click save as | How To Make A Slideshow From Flickr

8. When you have collected enough photos for your slideshow, go back to Ezvid. Click “add picture or video” icon and then find the folder where you saved your photos. Drag all of them into Ezvid’s timeline.

add picture | How To Make A Slideshow From Flickr

By this time, you can customize more your video – either add some custom text slides, music, or voice narrative

9. To add a background music – just click the drop-down arrow in the Ezvid music library and it will show you everything. Hover over a particular song & it will automatically preview the track. Remember, tracks from Ezvid are all copyright-clean so it’s safe for use.

ezvid music library | How To Make A Slideshow From Flickr

10. Adding custom text slides is easy – just click “add text” icon and an editor will show up. Make some creative texts and change background colors, font style if you want. Hit Finish when done.

add text | How To Make A Slideshow From Flickr

ezvid text editor | How To Make A Slideshow From Flickr

11. If you want to do some more voice-over, then just press the “record voice” icon and it will start recording your audio. Make sure your mic is on.

record voice | How To Make A Slideshow From Flickr

12. Preview your video and once satisfied, fill in the title of your video, description and put relevant keywords so your video can be seen easily on YouTube’s search engine.

add title description keywords| How To Make A Slideshow From Flickr

13. Click “upload to YouTube” button. Agree to Terms & Conditions. Login to your YouTube account and wait for like few minutes to successfully upload it on YouTube.

upload to youtube | How To Make A Slideshow From Flickr

You should have this message on Ezvid:

youtube link | How To Make A Slideshow From Flickr

Click that link and it will then direct you to your video on YouTube. And that’s it. You just created a slidshow from Flickr. If you would like to share it from YouTube, just hit the “Share” button from YouTube and choose whatever social media sites you like to share your video with.

That’s quite an easy steps right? So go get Ezvid and download without delay now. Stay tuned for some more updates here at