How To Make A Free Memorial Video Slideshow

Do you need to create a memorial video slideshow? Well this is for you! You can create beautiful and amazing picture or video slideshows using Ezvid. Ezvid is a free video maker for YouTube that you can download anytime as it’s a freeware program with no registration required, and runs well on a wide-variety of Windows platforms – including Vista, XP SP3, and 7.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to make a free memorial video slideshow using Ezvid. Just follow this and you’ll have your memorial slideshow in no time :)

1. Download and install Ezvid on your computer. Go to and click on the “Free download” button. There’s no registration required. After downloading, just hit run to install the Ezvid software successfully.

Screenshot on Downloading Ezvid


2. Launch Ezvid. After successfully downloading Ezvid software. It will be available on your desktop. Click on the Ezvid icon to open up and/or launch the Ezvid interface. In this software, you can add pictures, video, text and add your recorded voice.

Screenshot of Ezvid User Interface


3. Add pictures or video clips. Just click on the “media” icon highlighted on the screenshot. It will open a window where you can choose which pictures or video clips to upload.

Add media icon | How To Make A Free Memorial Video Slideshow


Adding pictures interface | How To Make A Free Memorial Video Slideshow

You can select images one by one or select all (CTRL A) to load all images.

4. Add Text to your slidehow, just click on “T” icon. Type your text into the window and when done, just click Finish and text slide is added to your timeline. You also have the option to choose background color, text color, and font.

Add text icon | How To Make A Free Memorial Video Slideshow


Change color, text and font interface | How To Make A Free Memorial Video Slideshow


5. Add a voice to your video slideshow, just click on the “record voice” icon and record your own voice. Note that you need to make sure you have a working microphone on your headset to obtain a clear voice on your slideshow.

Ezvid Mic Icon and song options | How To Make A Free Memorial Video Slideshow

You could also add a song to your slideshow. The software also has another feature wherein it has free soundtrack music and after selecting it will preview each song immediately. Just click on the dropdown menu and select for the appropriate song.


6. Don’t forget to add title, description, keywords and choose category that best fit your slideshow.

Add title, keywords, description and category | How To Make A Free Memorial Video Slideshow


7. Preview your memorial video slideshow. Once you’re done with the steps click on the “play” button to review your slideshow. Take time to check for corrections before uploading it to YouTube for a perfect memorial video.

Ezvid preview button | How To Make A Free Memorial Video Slideshow


8. Upload video slideshow to YouTube. If corrections are made and you’re satisfied with what you’ve created for your slideshow. Click on the “upload to YouTube” button and you will be routed to login into your Google account.

Sign in to Google | How To Make A Free Memorial Video Slideshow

You will get a notification if your video is successfully uploaded and prompt you with a message “Click here to watch your new video on YouTube” and hit on it to watch your newly created video on YouTube.

YouTube message link

And now you’re done! You can now check and see your work posted on YouTube. It’s so easy and fun. With Ezvid you’ll encounter no error because it is definitely user friendly and the site offers and provide step by step guide for your convenience. No need to convert files for compatibility and importantly it uploads directly to YouTube. Worry free! Create a slideshow and start photo sharing with your friends and family today. Try Ezvid now!