How To Create Slideshow In Windows 7

Creating slideshows in Windows 7 is now made easy with Ezvid – a free video/slideshow maker for Windows. So if you are into the “don’t-know-how-to-do-it” mood, then forget about it because you can now easily create beautiful and amazing picture/video slideshow with Windows 7 using Ezvid.

Well, I have to admit that other software doesn’t seem to work at what you thought it would do. Whilst it can make slideshow, it is difficult to install and it’s not even compatible to your Windows OS and so you have to convert videos or face lots of bugs or error when uploading videos. However, if you are using Ezvid, you will not have problems like these as Ezvid runs in almost all kinds of Windows platform, including Windows XP, Vista and 7 and Ezvid can definitely upload finished videos to YouTube immediately. No hassle. No delays. It’s fast, it’s quick and it’s all made easy for you.




I’m going to show you today how you can easily create slideshow in Windows 7 using Ezvid. Follow the steps outlined below to create slideshow in less than 5 minutes:

1. Download Ezvid and install it on your computer. Just go to and hit the “Free Download” button to download the software. No registration required. Just download and run it. Installing is also very simple. You can in fact watch this video tutorial here about installing Ezvid on your computer: //

2. Open Ezvid by clicking on the Ezvid icon on your desktop. You will then see Ezvid interface like this

ezvid interface | How To Create Slideshow In Windows 7

From now on, you can add text, clips, pictures and music with Ezvid.

3. To add pictures or video clips, just click on the “add media icon” as seen in the screenshot below. You can either drag-n-drop all pictures OR you can add them one by one.

add media icon | How To Create Slideshow In Windows 7

4. If you like to add text slides to your video, then simply click on the “T” icon to add text slides. You have the option to choose background color, text color, and font. When done, just click Finish and your text slide is added to your timeline.

 add text icon | How To Create Slideshow In Windows 7

Rearrange your pictures in your timeline if you want. Just drag and drop your pictures and that’s it.

5. If you also want to add a commentary to your video, you can do that by clicking on the “record voice” icon as you can see in this image below. Be sure you have a microphone on in your computer so when you click this icon, it will start recording your voice. “Red color change” indicates the record is in active mode and it automatically plays your video while you are recording your voice.

ezvid mic icon | How To Create Slideshow In Windows 7

Another feature with Ezvid is it’s free soundtrack music – with the latest version of Ezvid it will preview each song immediately when you hover over a song. Try it.

6. Just click on the drop-down menu as seen in the image below and hover over a particular track. Once you have chosen the best song that fits to your video, just click that song of your choice.

ezvid music library

7. Do not forget to add a Title and Keywords to your video. Then choose the best category which fits for your video as well.

add title keywords | How To Create Slideshow In Windows 7

8. Always preview your video by clicking on the “play” button before hitting the upload to YouTube button.

ezvid preview button | How To Create Slideshow In Windows 7

9. When all set and if you would like to up your finished video to YouTube, just simply click on the “upload to YouTube” button. Wait for your video to be successfully saved and rendered.

ezvid upload to youtube button

You will surely know it is successfully uploaded when you see a message link:

youtube message link

And that’s it. You are done with creating a slideshow using Windows 7. Notice how fast and easy, right? And notice that while we do the rendering and uploading, we don’t run into some error or technical issues just like other software out there. Ezvid also does not require any conversion of format. It just uploads all the way through YouTube immediately. That’s Ezvid. Very easy and is indeed a great & useful tool for YouTube videos.