How To Auto Caption On YouTube

How To Auto Caption On YouTube

Captions and subtitles are considered to be helpful to a lot of viewers especially with hearing incapacities and even reach out to people worldwide who speaks different languages. In fact, a video can be understood much better when subtitles or captions are present and YouTube sees the significance of this, giving their YouTubers a way to make captioning and subtitling of their videos.

However, if you don’t know where to access this on YouTube and if you want to learn how to do it then I will show you how to auto caption on YouTube. You can follow the steps outlined below and voila, you just made your first auto caption.

There are two ways to do this: One is just directly going into your YouTube account and then

1. Go to Video Manager and you will then be directed to a page showing a list of your videos.

video manager tab

2. Find the video you would like to insert a caption or subtitle.

3. Beside edit is a drop-down arrow, choose “Captions” and you will be directed to the Captions page.

choose youtube caption | How To Auto Caption On YouTube


4. At the Captions page, click “Add New Captions or Transcript” and you will be asked to locate a file to upload.

add caption tab

 5. Choose either a Transcript File or  a Caption file. If it’s a transcript file then there are no timecodes needed, otherwise you choose Caption File when you have timecodes.

How To Auto Caption On YouTube

6. Choose the appropriate language of your script. You can also include a track name if you want.

choose language

7. Then hit “Upload File” button.

upload file button

Example of a Caption File is this:

youtube caption file

Of note, only a SubViewer (*.SUB) and SupRip (*.SRT) formats are currently supported by YouTube.

Example of a Transcript File is this:

youtube transcript file

Of note, for the Transcript File it must be saved as a plain text file without any special characters.

The other way which can just take only a few minutes also is to start from the very beginning which is to create a video first then upload it to YouTube and then insert the caption. That way, you learn not only how to auto caption but you will also learn how to create a video and it’s going to be easier than you thought as you can just create this video in less than 5 minutes – with the use of Ezvid.


1. Download Ezvid Free Video & Slideshow Maker for YouTube made for Windows.

2. Install it on your computer. A quick video tutorial can be seen here:  //

3. Open and then locate the file of the video you want to promote in YouTube.

ezvid open file

If you wanted to add more editing to your video, you can enhance it by adding music, voice or even text slides.

4. To add text slides, click the “add text” icon of Ezvid and it will show the editor where you can create text, customize the font style and colors. Hit “finish” once done.

ezvid text icon

ezvid text editor

5. A voice capture is supported by Ezvid – just click the “record voice” icon and Ezvid starts to capture your audio so it is recommended to have your microphone ready.

record voice

6. If you like some background music then just go to the Ezvid Music Library and you will see a drop-down arrow. Click that and a list of songs are displayed. Pick one which you like best.

ezvid music library

7. Add title, description and keywords to your video. Ezvid will not upload when these information are not filled up so just a note.

add title description keywords

8. When all is ready, preview your video one last time and see if you are satisfied. Then hit “upload to YouTube” button to start downloading it to YouTube.

upload to youtube

Now that’s fast. But, we’re not done yet.

You will know your video is successfully uploaded when you see this message right here on Ezvid: “Click here to view your new video on YouTube “ Click the link and you will be directed to your video in YouTube.

youtube message link

Then just above the video player are tabs where you see the “Caption” tab if you click the drop down arrow.

youtube caption tab

Then by this time, you are directed to the “Add New Caption or Transcript page” and you can repeat the process outlined on Step 5 to proceed with the auto caption task.

add new transcript caption tab

 And that’s everything you just need. It makes a whole lot easier now to add auto caption with any YouTube videos. For more about guidelines and help with Caption and Subtitles, you can visit YouTube Help Center. And if you are into making videos for YouTube then download Ezvid now. Stay for more easy tutorials here at