How To Turn Off The Music With Ezvid

Want to remove or silence the default or built-in music from Ezvid, or use your own music? Ezvid is designed to create videos which will be *allowed* on youtube — and the most important part of being YouTube legal is to only use music which either you created yourself or music which is sure to be pre-cleared for YouTube. If you’re a professional video editor and you have a signed synchronization agreement for music usage, then you might be better off with video editing software like this [amazon].

However, if you’re just making a video for YouTube, sometimes you might be looking to make a video with no background music, or stop the music currently playing on your video.

So — if you prefer to have a silent video, or a video with only minimal music, there is quite a good workaround. The newest version of Ezvid (download here) has a greatly expanded music list, including a secret soundtrack at the bottom of the list entitled “Silent Machine.” It is actually music that was composed for Ezvid, but it’s pretty quiet!

Here’s how you find it:

In the future, hopefully all music will be free, musicians will be compensated via telekinetic bitcoin transfers, and YouTube will no longer have copyright restrictions. In the meantime, we’re going to make sure all the music included with Ezvid is 100% pre-cleared, so you won’t have any problems with your uploads.

Here is some background on why Ezvid is somewhat restrictive with music imports:

YouTube has recently gotten very strict about what music is allowed to be uploaded. The situation is complicated, but to sum up, YouTube and the big music companies are in a big fight about how much these companies get paid when YouTube uses their music.

So what does this mean to YouTube users? If you use unauthorized music on YouTube, your account may be suspended.

Here’s the warning you get……

If you don’t follow the rules, first your video will be taken down:

.. And then YouTube will delete your account

Finally, if you are really confident that you own 100% of the rights to an audio recording, you can simply select the audio recording by choosing “use my own” at the bottom of the Ezvid music list. Just scroll to the bottom, choose “use my own” and search for a WAV or MP3 file. You may use this opportunity to relish the fact that you are a person who actually reads stuff.