Ezvid Troubleshooting: Read This First If You Have Problems

If you are having a crash or other technical problem, first, please close Ezvid and open it again.

Still a problem? Reinstall Ezvid directly from our website.

Note: While Ezvid is installing, leave your computer alone. Messing with your computer or messing with the installation process will often cause problems.

If that still doesn’t fix it, try these things:

If your problem is with downloading, installing, or running Ezvid for the first time, follow our installation troubleshooting directions.

If your screen recording seems too fast, your voice and video are out of sync, or your recorded voice doesn’t match the video, or you experience “lag”, follow these directions.

If you have made a screen recording already, but you now find that you have a black or grey screen, please follow all the directions on this page.

If you get a “capture codec is missing” error, please download and install this codec.

If you have a question about Ezvid’s music options, see this page about using your own music with Ezvid.

If you are having problems recording minecraft, please follow our minecraft recording directions.

If you are having problems uploading your video to YouTube, please read our upload troubleshooting suggestions.

Tutorials on Ezvid’s advanced capture features: Facecam, simultaneous screen and voice recording, area selection and voice synthesis.

If you have run Ezvid successfully in the past, but now you cannot open ezvid.

See here for the parameter is incorrect error.

If you are still stuck, please contact us. Be sure to include a screenshot and your error log, as requested at the bottom of the form. Note: We cannot respond to every query, however it’s much more likely that we will respond if you include the screenshot and error log.