What Is Audioswap and Audio Enhancements And How Do You Use It?


YouTube’s Audioswap feature allows you to ‘swap’ your original video’s audio with royalty free music, or add background music to your video without any copyright issues.  Today, I’ll teach you how to use YouTube’s audioswap.

Step 1.  Go to your video manager.  Click the arrow next to the edit button and choose “Enhancements.”

Step 2. Under the “Audio” tab, choose a song from the list of recommended tracks, or search for a track you may want to use.  I recommend searching for the Aalborg Soundtracks.

Step 3.  Once you’ve chosen a song, you can preview the new audio & video in the quick preview section.   By default, it replaces your original audio.  You can choose to mix between the music and your original audio by adjusting the audio fader/dial above the top right corner of the video.

Step 4.  Once your audio levels set, either click ‘Save’ to save the changes to your original video, or click Save As to save your work as a new video.

The aalborg soundtracks are a great choice for YouTube videos.  You can use their music using audioswap, OR you can download their music for free and add them to your video using your own video editor.  Just visit www.trackonerecordings.com/aalborg-soundtracks to download the Aalborg Soundtracks for free.