What is the best drone for kids?

QWhat is the best drone for kids?

Let’s think about various age groups — maybe 5-8, 8-12, and 12-16….. what would be the ideal drone for each of these groups?

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We are entering a time where drones of all shapes, sizes, and prices are starting to give kites a run for their money. Although high-end drones are made for adult use, there are many other affordable options of drone flight for kids as young as five. Obviously, these drones should all be used in safe areas with attentive adult supervision. With these two prerequisites fulfilled, children of all ages can gain valuable experience and imaginative ideas from the exciting science behind drone technology. Here are some of the most affordable and reliable starter drones that would make for the perfect gift for kids of all ages.


Age: 5-8

Haktoys 2014 HAK377 Dragonfly Bee Mini RTF Helicopter kid_drone_1

Haktoys 2014 Dragonfly Bee is the ideal candidate for a younger child’s introduction to drone technology. It’s child-friendly bumblebee design is likely to draw in the younger age groups that are not prepared to fly more difficult models. Haktoy incorporated small and convenient dimensions (8 X 7.6 X 5.5 inches), making the Dragonfly Bee the perfect drone to store and fly indoors. It’s colorful insect-like body (yellow and black stripes with sizable, captivating green bug eyes) and flexible plastic propellers (four blades total) make it the perfect drone for the most inexperienced, developing child. This age group is obviously a bit tentative for operating an ariel drone, so adult supervision is highly advised, but this toy helicopter is definitely one of the safest and easiest in the toy drone market.

The Dragonfly Bee is easy to fly, with built-in gyroscopes used to automatically stabilize it’s flight, and is built with flexible materials that can handle the occasional bump and crash. Operated with a built-in 3.7V 300mAh Rechargeable Li-Po Battery (full charge in 30-45 minutes) and an I/R remote control (AA batteries not included), the drone has an adequate flight time (7-10 minutes). The quick charge time and appropriate flight time allow the Dragonfly Bee to satisfy the imaginative and short attention span of children from the ages of 5 to 8. The sturdiness of Haktoy’s drone is backed with spare main and tail blades, along with the necessary tools to replace parts of the if need be.

Although the Dragonfly Bee was designed with the intent of introducing younger demographics to drone technology, the product itself is by no means an age-limited toy. Reviews from adults have not only praised the convenience that this innovative toy offers to their children, but they themselves have found excitement of their own through using the Haktoy’s drone. Another major benefit of this drone is it’s affordability for the average family household, new Haktoy Dragonfly Bee’s are available for as low as $35 on Amazon. The Dragonfly Bee is an exciting toy for the entire family, but it is one of the only drones on the market that is suitable for the younger aged kids!


Age: 8-12

KiiToys® Quadcopter Drone

For being one smallest drone on the market (only 1.5 X 1.5 inches!), the KiiToys Quadcopter certainly provides an exciting and colorful experience fit for both younger and older children. It’s 6 Axis design grants this tiny drone with a stable flight and an adjustable gyroscope, allowing for safe indoor flight at anytime of the day. It has smooth directional movement, ascends, descends, and hovers brightly in their various colors.

The Quadcopter is available in red, light blue, green, white, and more. It’s also equipped with flashing LED lights that help differentiate between the front and back of the aerial device. These lights also make for a fun light show that pair really well with it’s vast ability for movement. There are four micro motors that allow for fast fist lifting power and ‘hyper movement’, and KiiToys has given their little flyer the ability for amazing and consistent flipping and tumbling action. The flashing lights, colorful body, and neat tricks make the Quadcopter the perfect toy for a couple of kids or an entire party. kid_drone_2

The 4 channel remote control is able to control multiple Quadcopters at one time and has three different speed levels, allowing for a whole exciting aerial show in your very own backyard. It is Powered by a piece of rechargeable 3.7V 100mAh lithium battery that is rechargeable via USB cable, a single flight lasts up to 8 minutes. All of these aesthetically stimulating features, coupled with the sturdy and efficient physical model, the KiiToys Quadcopter is well worth it’s low price tag, and is even available as a 4-pack, so the whole family can enjoy flying these flashy, little drones right away!


Age: 12-16

UDI U818A 2.4GHz 4 CH 6 Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter kid_drone_3

One of the most popular novice-level drones on the market, the UDI U818A is a great tool for slightly older kids, built with a ton of quality features and a sleek, compact design. This drone has about a 100 foot (30 meters) radius control distance, allowing for more adventure and excitement than most drones in it’s price range. It has a 6 Axis Gyro allowing for movement forward, back, side to side, and diagonally, with controlled posture that makes for safe and convenient enjoyment.

And those are just the base controls… The UDI also has suspension capability and a 2G MicroSD card to store photographs and video from the RTF Mode 2 Camera attached on top of the drone. This camera offers first-person-view videotaping, while it’s range allows for some seriously awesome potential. These functions grant kids boundless opportunities to use the UDI, from taking overhead pictures of their neighborhood to filming ariel shots for a movie project, or just flying around in the park. It also contains a 4 channel function making it incredibly stable and easy to operate while performing these various activities.

The UDI comes paired with an AC adapter, a charge box, and a LiPO 3.7V 500mAh Battery, which takes about two hours to fully charge. The 2.4 G remote controller takes AA batteries, which once inserted, link with the UDI while using sound activation (three beeps) to ensure that the connection has been made successfully. A fully charged battery lasts around nine minutes, so an extra battery is recommended when taking the UDI out for fun.

It’s simple and efficient modular design makes the UDI easy to repair, four symmetrical circles house a propeller each, it’s lightweight design makes it safe for almost anyone to use and be around. UDI also produces an afforadable Nano Quadcopter that’s great for this age group, or if your kid is more advanced you can consider the
UDI Lark, which is a great first-person view quadcopter. These UDI’s are available brand new on Amazon, and are quality drones on the cheaper end of the spectrum. Kids can use their artistic side with the video and photo camera, or hone their flight skills with the precise and stable functionality.