How To Upload Your Artwork or Photography Portfolio to YouTube


If you are an aspiring artist or photographer, it is important to share your work with as many people you can.  Sharing your work online gives you the opportunity to not only share your work, but to receive feedback on it – which is essential for artistic growth.  So, why not share your work on YouTube?  It’s easy to do using ezvid.

Ezvid is a free video maker that you can download at  Once you’ve downloaded it and have it open and running, drag and drop your pictures into ezvid’s timeline where you can add text slides, effects, narration, and royalty free background music – all with just a few mouse clicks.

Once you’re done editing your portfolio, give it a title, description, keywords, and a category.  Lastly, click the “upload to youtube” button, and send your artistic work to YouTube.

Whether you’re an artist, photographer, or need to make a video quickly and easily – you must try ezvid.  Visit to download ezvid for free.