Screen Recording Torchlight Gameplay for Free


Torchlight is an RPG with gameplay that resembles the Diablo series.  Choose your character and strategically adjust your gameplay to suit his or her skill-set.  If you’re looking to get into making gameplay videos for YouTube, and you want to record your Torchlight gameplay, you need to try Ezvid.  Ezvid is a 100% free screen recorder and video editor for Windows.  With it, you can easily capture your Torchlight gameplay, edit your video, and upload your video to YouTube straight from Ezvid.

To get started, go to to download and install Ezvid.  After Ezvid is installed, you’re just about ready to start recording.  However, before you do, here are a few tips to help make your gameplay videos higher in quality.

Tip 1:  Change your desktop resolution to 1280×720.  This is the same resolution as the high definition video your screen capture will render into, so you’ll have the highest clarity and quality.

Tip 2:  Change your game to run in a window and change your games resolution to ask close to 1280×720 as possible.  In Torchlight, you can do this by opening the game, going to “Settings” and unchecking the Full Screen box.  This ensures your game will match the dimensions of your video, and Ezvid will capture as smooth a video as possible.

Now you’re ready to start recording your gameplay.  Open Ezvid and click the ‘Capture Screen’ button to start recording your screen.  After the countdown, launch Torchlight and start playing!  As you play, Ezvid will be recording your gameplay.

When you’re done recording, simply exit Torchlight and click the “Stop” button.  Ezvid will render all of your gameplay in to a video in Ezvid’s timeline, where you can edit your video and upload it to YouTube.

Ezvid is super fast, super fun, and 100% free forever.  To start making your own Torchlight and other gameplay videos, head over to to download Ezvid for free today.