Top 10 Scanners

Paperless office★ Not so fast. Every so often, you need to scan in a picture, a page from a magazine, or something like that. So, Ezvid has compiled a list of the best top 10 scanners ranging from desktop, to workplace, to portable, to document scanning, photo scanning, and everything in between.

Our Top Scanners

Best Photo Scanner
Overall Rank: 5
Best Photo Scanner
Best Business Scanner
Overall Rank: 1
Best Business Scanner
Best Mobile Scanner
Overall Rank: 2
Best Mobile Scanner

10Fujitsu ScanSnap S1100 CLR 600DPI USB

We found this color scanner to be a decent solution for mobile use; The major selling point here is size and portability. If you don’t need to move your scanner around, skip this one. We were able to scan black and white documents in about 10 seconds, and color photos in about thirty seconds. For typical on-location use, we expect that should be fine. Don’t get this for office use — this unit is really meant for mobile scanning jobs only. It can supposedly handle various sizes like thick plastic ID cards, business cards, and postcards.

9Epson WorkForce DS-510 Color Document Scanner

We liked this scanner, although it wasn’t our favorite. This is a proper desktop scanner, built for business use. If you need to scan a lot of documents at once, like a stack of papers, you’re going to need a scanner with an automatic document feeder like this one. This is really critical in a business environment. When you open the top cover, it becomes an input tray. Epson plays nice with your operating system, offering a full set of TWAIN, WIA, and ISIS drivers for this unit.

8NeatReceipts Mobile Scanner and Digital Filing

Another highly portable scanner. Again, you should only consider a portable unit like this if you need to move your scanner around. Do NOT get one of these for desktop use only. Like many of these units, it’s USB powered, and is designed to scan the sorts of things you might need to scan ‘on the go’, like receipts and business cards. The reason we ranked this unit above the Fujitsu Snapscan is because its software is really good.

7Epson Perfection V600 Color Photo Scanner

This is the first dedicated photo scanner on our list, and among our favorite that we tested. Listen closely: If you want to scan photos, and have them look awesome, you need to get a flatbed scanner like this one – do not get a portable or document scanner. This is not a question of price; Actually some very good photo scanners like this one can be significantly cheaper than document scanners, largely because they do not have the complex hardware necessary to deal with big stacks of paper.

6Canon 4508B002 CanoScan LiDE210 Scanner

This scanner is cheap. Really cheap. We wonder actually how Canon can afford to sell them at this price. But before you buy, make sure this is really what you want. This is a flatbed scanner which will be best for photos and images. It does not come with a document feeder, so if you have stack of documents to scan, this is not what you want. And it does not come with a holder for photo negatives, so it’s not the best choice for that purpose, either. But for page-at-a-time scanning, photos, and occasional use, Canon’s LiDE series performs well. The LiDE210 reviewed here is very similar to the LiDE110….

5Canon CanoScan 9000F MKII Color Image

This is near the top of Canon’s consumer range of flatbed scanners. Like with the other flatbed scanners in this list, we want to emphasize that you only get a flatbed scanner if you are doing one-off photo and image scans. For big stacks of paper, you’re going to want something with a document feeder, instead. Unlike the LiDE210, this unit requires a power supply (included). But how exactly is it better than its (much) cheaper cousin★ The primary difference is in DPI (see definitions below.) The LiDE210 goes up to 4800 x 4800 DPI, whereas this more expensive unit scans up to 9600 x 9600 DPI.

4Fujitsu Fi-7160 Sheetfed Color Scanner

This scanner is expensive, and for a good reason. It turns out that the limiting feature in cheap scanners has not as much to do with image quality, and a lot to do with paper handling. We’ve looked at the LiDE 210, which will do a great job scanning images for under $100, but what a flatbed scanner like this will not do is handle a big stack of printed documents. For this task, say, at a business where hundreds of pages must be scanned per day, you need to spring for a high quality document scanner.

3NeatDesk Desktop Scanner and Digital Filing

This is the desktop version of the Neatreceipts mobile scanner that we have reviewed above. It’s more expensive than its portable cousin, but faster, and most critically, comes with a document feeder. We’re covering this elsewhere on this page, but the document feeder is really, really important if you’re going to scan multiple pages. This unit comes with a 50 page feeder, which should be enough for most office uses, excluding the most high-volume use cases, in which case we recommend the Fujitsu unit reviewed above. At 24 pages per minute, this scanner is less than half the speed as the Fujitsu….

2Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i Mobile Document Scanner

Throughout these reviews, we’ve told you that you need to choose: Either get a portable scanner if you’re going to be on the road, or a desktop scanner if you’re working out of an office and have stacks of paper to scan. This is the scanner that breaks those rules. If you’re primarily going to scan photos, then we’re confident that this scanner is NOT for you — you’ll get a much cheaper scanner, and higher quality output, with a flatbed scanner. But this is one scanner that we can recommend for both office and travel use…

1Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Scanner for PC

If you’re after a document scanner, this one is fast, reliable, and relatively inexpensive, and that’s why it’s our #1 pick. We found that this one scans about over 30 pages per minute, which is fast enough for most purposes. Like most document scanners, the iX500’s image quality is not as good as a flatbed scanner, but that’s not what these document scanners are for — reliability and speed are more important here than perfect color reproduction and high resolution scanning. Another huge plus to the iX500 is that it’s the only scanner under review here which can scan to a mobile device. We tested it with an iPhone, and it worked like a charm.