Top 5 Free Snagit Alternatives

Top 5 Free Snagit Alternatives

Don’t like Snagit? OR looking for some free Snagit alternatives? There are lots of alternatives you can find from paid ones to free ones but we focus more on the free as free ones almost performs like paid software and we just want a software that can do screen capture, do basic editing and upload to YouTube after.

Snagit is a screen capture program & at the same time an editing tool. So it can capture, edit and share. It’s an app for Windows and Mac as well however, it’s not totally free. Well, it’s free for some days when you’re on a trial period but after that period, you will be asked to subscribe and to pay to use the program. Now, that hurts!

So why not we look for some better alternatives to Snagit that will not cost us anything, right? We can either go web-based or online-based as long as it can do screen capture, it can edit, and it can share anything from our screen, and it is totally FREE.

So let’s look at the top 5 free Snagit alternatives you need to have!

First is


Ezvid is a screen recorder & video editor for Windows which you can have forever. It is 100% freeware so it leaves you off the burden of buying it to be able to use it. With Ezvid, you can take screenshots, make screen capture of anything in your screen. It has lots of editing features you can enjoy. It can add text captions, add background music, it can duplicate or splice the file, speed up or slow down, and has zoom and pan effects – and shares to YouTube instantly. Whilst it is a screen capture program, it is also a slideshow maker so you can create videos of any slideshows of pictures or clips from external sources and create one video out of those and then upload to YouTube so easily.

Ezvid captures your voice while also recording gameplay or video from your screen. So it can make commentaries to your gameplay footage or even to tutorials you want to make. It’s a perfect tool to use for instructional videos. It records anything it sees, shares high-quality HD videos to YouTube, has an amazing voice synthesis integrated and uploads to YouTube fast.

It is a universal Windows application including XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. It renders your video at 1280×720 HD, really perfect for your screencasting needs and is a great alternative to complex and expensive software like Bandicam, Fraps, Camtasia, Fastone, WeGame, XFire, Snagit, and BSR Screen Recorder.

Ezvid interface | Top 5 Free Snagit Alternatives


CamStudio is also a freeware screen recorder for Windows but you can’t enjoy much as it has no editing capabilities and with a limited video output format. It only produces AVI and SWF files and thus too much of a file size when you upload to YouTube. You can’t find any zoom feature, any editor for trimming, splicing and optimizing the video plus it does not give you an HD output quality like Ezvid does for your video. However, it can record audio and video simultaneously, just that you don’t have lots of choices to do with this program.



Wink is a free slideshow presentation and tutorial creation software aimed to create HOW-TO tutorials. Aside from this, it can also capture screenshots and create a step by step process. It is capable of exporting your tutorials into flash, PDF, HTML files however you can use it for your in-game videos. There are very limited features it offers and only good if you are into HOW-TO videos. Also, it doesn’t share to YOuTube instantly. It lacks other click effects or even zoom and pan effects. It’s still a simple how-to software you can use and if you’re looking for some program that can do right out of the box, this isn’t the right one for you.



Screencast-O-Matic is a free screen & webcam recorder that can capture video from your computer screen as well as from your webcam. It can share instantly and give you the ability to customize the region or area to record. But this free version has a very limited functionality – it cannot do editing of your recorded screen and need you to get the Pro one to use it fully. It is a Windows application that runs in XP, Vista and Windows 7.



Hypercam is another screen recorder that works well with Windows. It can record a video in your computer screen and gives you the ability to choose area or region you want to cover. It can record anything from online browsing, streaming to games. It can also record audio and video at the same time. The only threat to this program is has malware. Most users are experiencing malware when they install the program on their computer so BEWARE of those programs which pretend to be virus-free when they aren’t. Installation of this program is also another minus point. It is not very user-friendly and gives more crap of changing your browser settings, etc.. So though it is free and can record and meet the screencasting need you are looking for, beware of the disadvantages too!