Top 7 Free Camtasia Screencast Alternatives (Download Now!)

Looking for a free Camtasia alternatives?

First, be sure you’ve tried the Camtasia full version [amazon], to make sure you don’t want to actually buy Camtasia. Then checkout these free screencast (screen recording) tools you can use for your demos, presentations, how-to tutorials, and lots more.

When it comes to promoting products online – may it be product demos, build automatic tutorials – we’d love to present it by way of videos. And especially if you are into making instructional videos such as teaching others something like how you do make-over, how you make photo editing, how you play your favorite gameplay videos, or just about anything that teaches everyone how to do it whether from school, at home, or anywhere, the most common and best effective tool to communicate throughout your customers/viewers is through screencast. It has been widely used and is one of the best marketing strategies being implemented today.

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Though they may not be as awesome as compared to paid versions but some of them can be used with no limitations and are very easy to use. If all you need is a software that can record screen, edit videos, and upload to YouTube with high quality, then why look for the paid ones when it’s offered in the free versions? So let’s take a look at some of the best free screencasting tools you can use for your screencast needs.

1. Ezvid



Ezvid’s latest version now includes and supports screen recording. With its screen recording feature, it can capture or record everything that happens on your screen. Currently, it cannot customize yet the region or area you capture and so it records all activity in your entire screen. Using it is very easy, you just have to click the “capture screen” icon and it will start recording your screen after 3 seconds. With Ezvid, it will automatically be added on its timeline. No need to find another software to edit your recording as Ezvid can edit it right away and most of all, Ezvid can upload your captured screencast instantly to YouTube without hassle. It supports major types of video format that is accepted by YouTube.

It’s quite a time-saver and almost an all-in-one video maker software. It’s a Windows application and can be used for your school/class presentations, how-to demos, and gameplay videos.

Get Ezvid now!

ezvid free video maker for youtube

2. Jing

Jing is yet another great screencasting tool both for Windows and Mac users. However, its free version can only record screen up to 5 minutes. To go beyond 5 minutes of recording, they suggest the Pro or paid version instead. Jing can be used to record demos and presentation as well including how-to tutorials. It can capture audio at the same time it records your screen and you are able to customize the area or region you wish to capture.


3. Webinaria

Webinaria is another free screen recording software supporting Windows users. It can be used to record any activity on your desktop screen. It supports voice narration and webcam and uploads straight to the web in Flash (FLV) format. This software can record your audio using a microphone and/or webcam at the same time it records your desktop presentations, demos or tutorials.

With the use of this software, it’s able to modify the area from your active window to a customized area or region you want and has the option to adjust your recording quality, and edit the audio and webcam properties frame by frame. However, to have an AVI output, you need a converter as it doesn’t have the option to convert FLV to AVI files OR if you want to produce an AVI file, then Webinaria is not the right screencast tool you have to use.

With the current version released – version 2.1, it has a video editing function that allows users to add text, save projects, and supports sound and webcam effects.


4. Screencast-O-Matic

Screencast-O-Matic is a web-based screen recording tool but it also has a software version that you can install and run on your PC. It works for both Windows and Mac OS. To start screen recording using the web-based app, it requires a Java platform.

Like Jing, it has a free and a Pro version. The free version has limited functionalities. Its screen recording duration is only up to 15 minutes long. Also, users dont have the option to customize screen but has pre-made customizable area to choose from. Unique with this software is the ability to add “moment-specific notes” to the screencast and allow viewers to jump specific points in the video.


5. GoView

GoView is a product from Citrix that allows users to capture any activity on computer screen and audio at the same time and then instantly share recording online. Like Ezvid, there is no option yet to customize the area of capture and it doesn’t have a built-in video editor eitherl that would allow users to edit captured screen. But it’s pretty quick and easy to use too!



6. BB FlashBack Express

BB Flashback Express is a free screen recorder tool made for Windows that allows users to record screen and audio at the same time. It also supports playback function and allows users to share screen on YouTube directly. However, the BB FlashBack Express still has the recording and playback functionality of its contemporary version FlashBack Standard and Pro but minus the functions for editing and enhancing the recording. So again, using its free version has limited functionality.


BB Flash Back Express Main

7. Krut Computer Recorder

Krut Computer Recorder is yet another screencast tool that lets users record audio and video from computer screen into .mov-files and .wav-files. In order to install it on Windows, a Java platform is required. I’ve tried Krut and its not very user-friendly in terms of installation, interface, and video output coupled with limited functionality as far as editing captured screen. But generally, it can be used to make video tutorials or record gameplay videos.



So that’s your free Camtasia alternatives. Of course there are limited functions especially those that have Standard and Pro versions of a software and so overall, it seems that Ezvid is on top of them all. With Ezvid, aside from being a free screen recording tool, it also allows users to edit and enhance screen recording as it imports its captured screen immediately on its timeline. However, it really depends on how you use the software. So go and experiment all of them now and choose what best fits your needs.