The Top 10 Minecraft Toys

Minecraft is great because all ages can enjoy its good fun, and what better way to show and share appreciation than with an awesome toy? Here at Ezvid, we have ranked the best top ten Minecraft toys that are great for adults and kids alike.

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Best Minecraft LEGO Toy Set
Overall Rank: 2
Best Minecraft LEGO Toy Set
Best Minecraft Figure Toy
Overall Rank: 5
Best Minecraft Figure Toy
Best Minecraft Activity Set Toy
Overall Rank: 8
Best Minecraft Activity Set Toy

10Minecraft Diamond Steve Action Figure

Up first on our countdown of the top 10 Minecraft toys is none other than Steve himself! That’s Steve with Diamond Armor, to be specific. If you have ever played the game then you already know that this brave young man is the avatar through whom you explore the exciting world of Minecraft. Steve comes complete with his trusty sword and a colorful cube of ore. He’ll look great atop the desk at work or up on your action figure display shelf. Just be sure to help him watch out for zombies!

9Think Geek Minecraft Light-Up Diamond Ore

Up next we have a charming novelty item, the Minecraft Light-Up Diamond Ore cube by ThinkGeek. This little cube is the perfect paperweight or bed stand nightlight for the Minecraft enthusiast. It will serve as a conversation piece for those who see it on your desk and will give you a few minutes of soft blue light in the darkness. The Diamond Ore cube is 3.2 inches on a side and runs off of two AA batteries. It softly glows for five minutes when switched on then powers down until tapped. The “diamonds” glow at three different brightness levels.

8Minecraft Papercraft Animal Mobs Set

Here’s a toy that’s great for the person who loves both Minecraft and arts-and-crafts. With the Minecraft Papercraft Animal Mobs Set you create your very own Minecraft critters out of specially designed sheets of paper. All your favorite Minecraft animals are included, like Pig, Ocelot, Sheep, Chicken, and Cow. The folding flat sheets of paper into charming Minecraft characters is part of the fun: what you do next is the rest of it! These paper animals make fun kids’ toys and are great decorations, whether for your desk or for a child’s party.

7Minecraft Think Geek Wall Torch

The Minecraft Wall Torch by ThinkGeek is so charmingly pointless you just have to have it. This square-shaped torch is just under a foot in length and shines brightly with three AAA batteries. As long as you are buying this item because you love Minecraft and not because you want a good flashlight, then you’ll love this Torch, but do know that it’s a middling flashlight at best. The Wall Torch is indeed easy to hang on the wall thanks to a little plastic hook at its base, so it can be used as nightlight or as a part of your room’s décor.

6LEGO Minecraft The Cave Playset

If there was ever a match made in heaven, it was the partnership of Minecraft and Lego. You can’t get closer to bringing the imaginary world of Minecraft to life than by actually constructing your very own characters and scenes from the beloved game! This little Lego set, The Cave, will only take the skilled Lego enthusiast 15 or 20 minutes to build, and once completed it will be fun for kids to play with or for adults to proudly display. The Cave Lego set features Steve, a zombie, a spider, and of course plenty of lava, ore, and TNT.

5Minecraft Core Zombie Action Figure with Accessory

What gift to get for that person who’s so hard to shop for? Why, a zombie of course. A Minecraft Core Zombie Action Figure with Accessory, no less. This Minecraft Overworld Zombie is the lowest-priced item on our countdown and makes a great gift for any Minecraft enthusiast on your gift shopping list, kid or adult alike. Or go ahead and get one for yourself, you’re worth a Zombie! This character comes with an Iron Ore Block which can double as a display pedestal and that iconic Minecraft sword.

4Minecraft Foam Pickaxe

It’s hard to be a good miner without a good pickaxe, and for the mines of Minecraft, there’s no finer tool than this real-life pixelated Minecraft Foam Pickaxe made by ThinkGeek. This sturdy but pliant foam pickaxe is safe for kids of most any age to play with or perfect for the adult looking for a unique bit of decoration. Or the diehard Minecraft gamer can rest their pickaxe next to the computer while on their next quest for an experience that’s that much more immersive.

3Minecraft Animal Toys – 6 Pack

It’s hard not to fall in love with these cute little creatures from the world of Minecraft. The Minecraft Animal Toy 6-Pack comes with your very own little pixelated pals in the form of Ocelot, Sheep, Pig, Chicken, Cow, and Tame Wolf. Kids and parents alike will love imaginary play with the animals of Minecraft, and not the least because certain body parts are removable and exchangeable: in true Minecraft fashion, you can create your very own hybrid animals. Most of the creatures feature articulating heads, limbs, and tails.

2LEGO Minecraft The Mine Playset

At the number 2 spot on our countdown of the best Minecraft toys we have the mine itself! The Lego Minecraft Mine, that is. This 922-piece Lego set is genuinely in keeping with the creative, self-directed world of Minecraft in that you can build plural different versions of The Mine using the same kit. Along with Steve, Creeper, a zombie and a spider, The Mine is filled with ore, gold, TNT, and an exciting mine cart and track that Steve might just need to make his escape. This is no set for the novice Lego builder, and the price reflects that.

1Exclusive Minecraft Foam Diamond Sword

At the number 1 spot on our countdown, it’s the official Exclusive Minecraft Foam Diamond Sword. This is the iconic weapon Steve carries with him as he journeys down into the mine, and if it can keep him safe from zombies and spiders, it can certainly give you the edge to face your day of work or school. And because of course this pixel-style sword features no actual edges and is made of foam, it’s safe to let the kids grab the hilt and spelunk on down into a world of imagination.