The Top 10 Legos For Adults

We include in our list of Legos for adults the most complicated Lego sets, along with classy sets that will give you a nice desk piece when complete.

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Most Beautiful Lego Set

10The White House

The first set on our list of the Top 10 Legos for adults is one of the most iconic buildings on earth, the White House! Your miniature version of the home at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue will stand about 8 inches high once completed, making it the perfect decoration for a desk or book shelf. The set is moderately complex, but the experienced Lego enthusiast should be able to complete it in about an hour’s time.

9Technic Mobile Crane MK II

Let the little kid in you come out for the Number 9 best Legos for adults on our list, because this Mobile Crane kit is not only fun to build, it’s fun to play with, too. The completed truck has a fully functional crane that extends up to 30 inches tall and can even lift small loads with its working winch! Tired of playing with a truck★ No problem! This kit is a 2-in-1 and can also be assembled into a container stacker! Cargo ship not included.

8The Eiffel Tower

Is there anything more iconic of place and more immediately recognizable than that famed Parisian monument, the Eiffel Tower★ Your Lego Eiffel Tower will stand about 967 feet shorter than the original, but the 12 inch tall mini-monument will still look great in your office or living room. At 321 pieces and in the mid-range price-wise, this set makes a great gift for the Lego enthusiast in your life. And for the architects, too.

7Kingdoms Set Chess Set

Here’s a curveball for you: at Number 7 on our list of the best Legos for Adults is a Lego set you actually can’t play with until it’s already built. The Lego Kingdoms Chess set won’t take more than 15 or 20 minutes to assemble, including all the miniature kings, pawns, bishops, and the rest of the gang, but once it’s built you will have a fully functional and entirely charming chess set! Once the building stops, the battle of wits begins.

6Queen Anne’s Revenge

The Queen Anne’s Revenge is a great set for the advanced Lego-smith who loved the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies or who simply loves early 18th century maritime history. This is an advanced and complex Lego set, and the price reflects that. But so too does the level of detail and intricacy in the finished product. The Queen Anne’s Revenge is almost two feet in length, and with her sails unfurled and canons at the ready, she’ll be ready to take to the high seas… or a shelf. ARRRen’t you glad you built her★

5The Lord of the Rings Battle of Helm’s Deep

Lord of the Rings and Lego fans unite! And after doing that, why not build the set coming in at Number 5 on our list of the best Legos for Adults, the Battle of Helm’s Deep★ Complete with orcs and dwarves, axes and arrows, this set will bring the spirit of adventure to all who behold it. Help Aragorn defeat the Berserker Uruk-hai and keep the people of Helm’s Deep safe against his evil army! Look, it’s OK to nerd out sometimes.

4Creator Pet Shop

Up next on our list of the best Legos for Adults is a serious set indeed. The Pet Shop, from the Lego Creator series, is a 2000 piece set featuring both detailed interiors and a handsome, well-designed facade, complete with flowerpots and a sloped cornice roof. Inside you’ll find charming little puppies and kittens, parrots and fish, all just waiting for a Lego family to take them home. The Pet Shop is one of the more expensive entries on our list, but it’s also one fine looking set of Legos!

3Creator Expert Winter Village Market

Don’t you just love getting into the holiday spirit over the wintertime★ If you’re one of the few people who answered “No,” then maybe skip this set, because the expert-level Lego Winter Village Market is spinning with holiday cheer. Literally: that carousel you see there★ It spins in a circle and the horses rock back and forth thanks to a complex system of gears you’ll build. The Winter Village Market is a great Lego set for the family of Lego enthusiasts, as it features several stand-alone booths that can be assembled independently.

2Empire State Building

At Number 2 on our list of the Best Legos for Adults is New York’s famous Empire State Building. Why is this mini-skyscraper ranked so high★ Because it’s actually an incredibly simple and affordable kit. If you love playing with Legos but have little free time in life, this set will scratch your itch. Likewise, give the Lego Empire State Building to the amateur Lego user as a great gateway set. With just 77 pieces, even the Lego newbie will be putting the tower on top in no time.

1Star Wars Death Star

That’s no moon, it’s the Number 1 spot on our list! The Lego Death Star has got it all, from the Emperor’s throne room to the garbage compactor to the detention block to the planet-blasting super laser! Star Wars fans will drool at the sight of this expert-level Lego creation, and Lego lovers will leap at the chance to assemble such a complex kit. At nearly two feet in diameter, the Lego Death Star will rule over any room lucky enough to house it… until those pesky rebels come along! (And yeah, for record, it’s pretty pricey.)