Team Fortress 2 Screen Recording Tutorial


Before You Begin

It’s time to show off your hats, and maybe even some gameplay … but mostly hats. It’s easy and free to record your Team Fortress 2 gameplay, just follow the steps below.

Setup TF2 for Capture
    1. Open TF2 and click Options

TF2 Options

    1. Set your video settings to 16:9, Windowed, 1280×720

Team Fortress 2 Optimized Capture

    1. Press Alt – Tab on your keyboard to return to your desktop

how to alt tab


Start capturing your gameplay
    1. Open ezvid

ezvid icon on desktop

    1. Open Team Fortress 2 (if it isn’t already open)
    2. Click the screen recorder button

Capture Team Fortress 2 with Ezvid

  1. Ezvid is now recording your gameplay!


Stop capturing, and share your video!
    1. On your keyboard press ALT-TAB to get out of Team Fortress 2
    2. Click the stop button in the bottom left

stop ezvid screen capture

  1. Crop, resize, slow down, and speed up your video in ezvid
  2. Upload your Team Fortress 2 video to YouTube and share with friends!

That’s it!