How to Make a Sorcery Stones Video for Youtube

Line up matching tiles to score big in Sorcery Stones, the online puzzle game that puts your brain and quick thinking skills to the test. Have you thought about sharing your gameplay on YouTube? Look no further than Ezvid – a free video maker with an easy to use screen capture tool.

To begin making your own videos follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Download and install Ezvid at
Step 2. Run Ezvid and click the “Capture Screen” button.
Step 3. Open Sorcery Stones in your internet browser and begin playing.
Step 4. When you’re finished capturing, press the “Stop” button.

Ezvid renders your footage quickly and will place it in the media timeline for you. You can edit your video, add text slides, change the background music, narrate your screen recording using the “Microphone” tool, or upload straight to YouTube.

Start sharing your gaming videos online for free today with Ezvid, at