How To Save, Load and Duplicate Video Projects With Ezvid

How To Save, Load and Duplicate Video Projects With Ezvid

Ever wish you can save a video project using Ezvid? Ever wish you can also load and duplicate past projects you have done before with Ezvid and wanted to edit it again then republish that video once more? Well, here’s great news to ya’ all! Ezvid is now able to save, load and duplicate video projects. This functionality is introduced in the newest version of Ezvid – Ezvid 0.7. Download the latest version of Ezvid now!

In connection to this latest version of Ezvid, I’m going to teach you how you can save, load, and duplicate video projects with Ezvid. Well, again it’s very simple and doesn’t even take much of your time to do it. All you need is just a click of button. So let me take you through the process:

How To Save Video Projects With Ezvid

You can’t find any save button with the newest version of Ezvid because what it does is that it auto-saves your project – it automatically saves everything. Cool, isn’t it? Thus, you no longer have to worry if you unintentionally close Ezvid and haven’t save your projects because Ezvid does the job for you – it automatically saves your projects without even clicking a button! What a blast! Not any other video makers have this functionality making Ezvid a great plus from all others.

In addition, you will also know that your project has been saved successfully because when you click on the “new project” button found at the bottom left corner of Ezvid interface, it will notify you that the previous project has been saved (please see screenshot below) then just press “OK” if in case you want to create a new project.

add new project icon of ezvid

save project icon

How To Load Video Projects With Ezvid

If you want to load video projects you’ve done before because you forgot something and you need to edit it again or add another picture or clip or even change again the background music as you feel you like the other song, what you need to do is just click on the “load project” button found at the bottom left corner of Ezvid, beside the “add new project” button (please see screenshot below) and that’s it! It will load everything for you, from video projects you weren’t able to finalize before to projects that were completed.

load project icon

After you click the “load project” button, you are taken to the “project manager” interface named as “my Ezvid projects” and you will see all of your videos or I would say all of the videos saved automatically by Ezvid even those videos you haven’t finished editing yet. (please see image below)

project manager icon

To edit a previous video project, just click the “pencil icon” (see screenshot below please) and that project is again loaded in your Ezvid interface, ready for new editing and then publish to YouTube.

edit a video project

How To Duplicate Video Projects With Ezvid

Duplicating a video project is also very simple and easy just like how easy it is to edit a project. All you have to do is to click “load project” button, then at the project manager interface, find the video you want to duplicate and then click the center icon which tells you “duplicate project” and it’s then being loaded in the Ezvid interface. And that’s it! You can now duplicate your project. Nothing complex, all made simple for you.

duplicate a video project icon

How To Delete Video Projects With Ezvid

There are times you wish to delete a video that Ezvid saved automatically, to do this just simply go to “load project” button then find the video you want to delete and click the “trash or recycle bin” icon and it will delete your project. NOTE: You will be prompted with a question, that’s OK. Just click “confirm” and it will successfully delete your video project.

delete a video project icon

delete a video project icon

So I just walk you through the simple steps in how to save, load and duplicate video projects with Ezvid. It does save you time, right? It’s because Ezvid is really made easier and simple for you. Enjoy :)