Create Project Powder Gameplay Videos

Project Powder is a free online snowboarding game.  It allows you to race with friends, perform tricks, and boost your rank within a snowboarding community.  If you enjoy showing off your skills in the game, why not take it one step further and record your game play?  USe Ezvid to screen capture your game play, edit your video, and upload it to YouTube to share with the world.  Ezvid is fast, easy to use, and free scree recorder, and I’ll show you how to get started.

Step 1.  Download and install Ezvid for free at

Step 2.  Open Ezvid and click the screen capture button above the timeline.

Step 3.  As you play Project Powder, Ezvid will capture your gameplay & render it into the timeline where you can edit your video and upload it to YouTube.

So, next time you get your game on, head over to and start archiving your gameplay.