Read This If Your Ezvid Screen Recording Is Too Fast Or Lags

Some users with less powerful PCs will report that their screen recording is too fast or  the game seems to lag.

First make sure you are running the most recent version of Ezvid. Download it here. Then try your screen recording again.

If you still have problems, here are some simple solutions which will help fix this problem:

  1. If you are playing a game, lower the render settings on your game. Here is how to lower minecraft render settings.
  2. Close any other applications which may be running on your computer. Even a web browser, if open to a flash-heavy page, can take up 50% of your processor power. If you want to be sure nothing is running in the background that is eating up CPU, check your Windows resource monitor.
  3. Record a smaller portion of your screen instead of the whole screen. Follow these directions.
  4. If you are on Vista or Windows 7, disable aero.
  5. Lower your computer screen resolution. For best results, get as close as possible to 1280 x 720. Watch this video to learn how:Certain systems do not have 1280 x 720 as an option. Don’t worry — just set it as close to this as possible. You may find that your screen looks weird at this resolution, but once you upload your video to YouTube, you will see that it looks AWESOME. Why is this? Because YouTube HD videos are all at 1280 x 720. So if you capture at this resolution, you’ll get the highest quality display. Try it for yourself.
  6. If your are on a Notebook or Laptop computer, be sure that your system is running on HIGH PERFORMANCE¬†mode, and always plug your computer into a power supply before you record your screen.The “high performance” switch location will vary depending on your model of computer. Watch this video for more tips.
  7. Get a faster computer. (Sorry, but this really is the best solution….)