Moviemaker For Windows XP

Moviemaker For Windows XP

If you’re looking for some great & free alternative to Windows Movie Maker that works well with Windows XP – then best recommended is Ezvid.  Ezvid is yet another free moviemaker for Windows XP. Well, it’s not just movie maker, but it’s also a video editor and a slideshow creator as well.

Ezvid is way much better due to lots of features it offers other than a movie maker. Uploading a video straight to YouTube is just one example. So let’s take a look at some cool features of Ezvid and how it works as a moviemaker for Windows XP.

Create Video in Less Than 5-minutes

With Ezvid, you can easily create video in less than 5-minutes – no tricks here. If you have some photos you want to create a slideshow video or some video clips either from a recorded gameplay or any clips you want to put together, just drag-n-drop it on Ezvid timeline, do some minor editing, and upload to YouTube. That’s it. You just created a video so quickly.

Works in a variety of Windows platforms – including XP SP3, Vista and Windows 7.

Ezvid is more like a universal Windows application as it can work well in almost all Windows OS platforms. The only limitation is that it cannot work on lower service pack of XP such as SP1 and SP2. But if you have XP SP3, then sure it can work so well from your computer.

100% Freeware

Tired of using software that has expiration dates or are in trial versions? Annoyed with some programs that won’t let you use its full function because you have to pay before using its full capabilities? Well, then you need Ezvid. It’s all yours for FREE – no need to register to get it, just download Ezvid free. It’s not a shareware nor an adware – so you’re assured that you are using the best FREE moviemaker for Windows.

Fraps and HyperCam Compatible

If you are into gaming and wanting to create a gameplay video using Fraps or HyperCam, then Ezvid is the best partner to edit your screen-captured videos. Fraps and HyperCam don’t have the video editing capabilities and so using Ezvid to edit your videos from Fraps/HyperCam is the best decent solution.

Supports a wide-variety of video formats

Ezvid imports all mainstream video formats including AVI, WMV, MOV, FLV, MPG or MPEG allowing your video to upload straight on YouTube without the need to convert it before uploading – another plus factor of Ezvid that outweighs other software out there.

Fast YouTube Upload

Yes it is. Ezvid is capable of upping your finished video straight onto YouTube without delay. You just have to press the “upload to YouTube” button on Ezvid and in a few minutes, your video is uploaded on YouTube. Less hassle. Less trouble. Ezvid makes it easier for you now.

Royalty-free Music from Aalborg Soundtracks / 009 Sound System

Lots of royalty-free music from Aalborg Soundtracks / 009 Sound System is available with the free download of Ezvid. Use it as background music to your video slideshow – no worries with copyright infringement as its all YouTube-legal.

And lastly, Ezvid is very user-friendly.

Here’s a quick simple tutorial on how Ezvid works!

1. Download Ezvid Free Movie Maker for Windows XP and install it on your computer.

2. Once installed, open Ezvid by simply clicking the Ezvid icon.

3. Click the “add picture or video” icon and find the photos or video clips you want to create a video. You should then see your imported photos or clips on Ezvid’s timeline.

add photos or video


To customize more your video – you can either add some music, text or record your voice.

4. Add music by simply clicking the Ezvid Music panel and choose from the list of songs (see image below)

add music

5. Add text by simply clicking the “T” icon and a text editor will show up (see image below)

add text slide

6. Add voice-over to your video by clicking the “Mic” icon and start recording your own voice (see image below)

add voice over

7. Now that you have customized your video, fill in the title, description and keywords of your video.

add title description tags

8. Preview your video – just click the “Play” button.

preview video

9. When everything is set and ready, click the “upload to YouTube” button. Agree to Terms & Conditions set by YouTube. Login to your YouTube account and wait for your video to fully upload on YouTube.

upload to youtube button using ezvid

You should see a link to your video like this:

youtube message link

And that’s all. You just created a video using Ezvid. So what more can you ask for? It’s all laid out simpler and easier for you. Go get Ezvid now.

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