How to Record Your Screen on Mousebreaker to Make a Video

Mousebreaker – the UK based, casual games website, catches over 4.5 million users per month. Known best for their sports games, especially football and soccer, this free gaming site is host to endless genres aimed to please everyone. Now, you can screen capture your Mousebreaker gameplay and upload it to YouTube using Ezvid – a 100%, always and forever, free video maker with a “Screen recorder” button.

First, download and install Ezvid at
In your internet browser, open Mousebreaker and select your game of choice.
Next, with Ezvid running click the “Capture Screen” button above the media timeline.
Begin playing your Mousebreaker game, and when finished, press the Stop button.

Ezvid will render your video and place it in the media timeline for you. Feel free to edit your video, add text slides, change the background music, and even speed up or slow down your gameplay by right clicking your video. Uploading your finished video to YouTube is simple – just click the “upload to YouTube” button.

It’s easy with Ezvid, try it out today at