How To Make A Real Estate Video That Sells (For Free!)

How To Make A Real Estate Video For YouTube

Ever wanted to create an online visual tour of your real estate properties to attract more customers? Then create easy and simple yet captivating videos and upload it on YouTube. You can easily create videos now using Ezvid – and without much editing done for your videos, you can make lots of them and showcase each and every properties you want to sell – may it be clips of your properties or just even a photo of your properties and create a slideshow out of those still images.

Ezvid comes with a very neat user-interface design coupled with lots of functionality and it is very easy to use. Plus, it’s totally free. You don’t need to register to get Ezvid and what’s the best part is that it’s made for most of your YouTube-video needs.

With Ezvid, you can market more your real estate properties. It lets you add custom text slides which can be used to enumerate & describe the features of the house you are selling. So make use of text slides to enhance more your ad. Ezvid is also capable of capturing your audio. It supports voice narration. Making a commentary footage to your real estate vid is a powerful tool as you can best describe the house you are selling. Always remember, visual and word of mouth are one of the best marketing strategies to use. And so today, I will show you how to make a real estate video for YouTube to attract more customers.

1. Download Ezvid Free Video and Slideshow Maker for YouTube

2. Install and open Ezvid.

3. Click the “add picture or video” icon to begin importing files – if you have still images or clips, then you can always use that and import it onto Ezvid’s timeline.

ezvid picture video icon | How To Make A Real Estate Video For YouTube


4. Enhance your real estate promotional video by adding music – just click the drop-down arrow and choose from the list of songs. It will automatically play so you can listen to every track if you want.

ezvid music library


5. Add custom text slides to your video – click the “add text” icon and a text editor is displayed letting you create as much as text slides you want. Be sure to click “finish”.

ezvid text editor icon


6. Add a voice narrative  to your video by simply clicking the “record voice” icon. You need to have a microphone on to capture your audio. Be sure its working.

ezvid record voice icon

ezvid text editor


7. When all is set, you can preview the video by hitting the “play button”.

preview icon | How To Make A Real Estate Video For YouTube


8. Then add title, description and keywords to your video before upping it on YouTube. It is also important to make some SEO of your videos to make it more search-engine friendly and so you can gain more customers. So study also the relevant keywords that fits into your biz. Create some good & catchy titles and description to get a chance of appearing on YouTube’s search engine if someone is searching for a real estate property, say for example in California. So you’re not only targeting specific customers but potential buyers in your region.


ezvid title keywords field

9. Then click “upload to YouTube” button to start uploading your video. It will take a few minutes. But you’ll be sure its uploaded right away. Login to your YouTube account.

ezvid upload button


You’ll know you have made it successfully uploaded when you see this message below:

youtube link | How To Make A Real Estate Video For YouTube

You can always share that video to your customers. Just go to your video and then hit “Share” and a list of icons will show up. Depending on your choice, you can choose to share it on your networks OR email the video directly to your customers or even embed the video to your website.

youtube share | How To Make A Real Estate Video For YouTube

And that’s it. You just created a real estate video for your business. So be sure to download Ezvid and being creating more videos now!