Free Kerbal Space Program Screen Recorder


Do you want to share your builds, skills, and gameplay in Kerbal Space Program on YouTube?  If so, you must try Ezvid.  Ezvid is a free screen recorder and video editor that uploads your video straight to YouTube.

To start making Kerbal Space Program videos, first download Ezvid from  Once installed, you should probably optimize your PC settings to screen record gameplay videos.  The easiest way to do this is by changing your PC’s resolution to, or as close to, 1280×720.  To do this, right click your desktop and choose “Screen Resolution.”  Use the fader to change your resolution to 1280×720 and click apply.

Now that your PC is ready to screen record, it’s time to get your game ready.  Open up Kerbal Space Program and navigate to the video settings.  Change your resolution to 1280×720 and make the game run in a Window.

Now that we’re ready to record, open Ezvid and click the capture screen button.  After the countdown, return to Kerbal Space Program and start playing.  As you build your ship, and as you fly and land your alien pilots to safety, Ezvid will be recording your KBS gameplay.

When you’re done recording, just exit Kernal Space Program and press the “Stop” button.  Ezvid will then render all your gameplay in to the timeline.  Now, you can edit your video, and upload it straight to YouTube – it’s that easy.

To start making your own Kerbal Space Program gameplay videos, head over to to download and install Ezvid for free today.