How To Upload To YouTube

How To Upload To YouTube

No more conversion of video format. Upload straight to YouTube. Learn how to upload to YouTube so easy and as quickly as possible.

While many are already considered connoisseurs of making big time YouTube videos, there is also however an increasing level of curiosity as to how to upload videos to YouTube, well, not only upload but how to do it flawlessly and as easily and quickly as possible, especially to a lot of beginners in the field of YouTube video-making business. Many uses popular software out there but the problem persisted – it doesn’t successfully upload to YouTube, it needs videos to be converted to a YouTube allowable format, it crashes, it freezes, and lot more issues with the software they’ve been using. However, not anymore today as Ezvid – a free video maker for YouTube solves all these issues.

Ezvid is able to upload finished videos straight to YouTube without the need to convert video files into something YouTube accepts. It just uploads to YouTube smoothly with a click of a button. Thus, not only it’s a free video slideshow maker but it’s also a YouTube uploader. What more can you ask for? So here in this article, will show you how you can quickly upload videos to YouTube using Ezvid.

At the bottom right corner of Ezvid is an icon you see “upload to YouTube” – you just have to click that and then agree to YouTube Terms & Conditions. Sign in to your YouTube account and then wait for a few minutes while videos is being saved, rendered and uploaded. At the end of the process, you will then see a YouTube message where it says “Click here to view your new YouTube video.”

upload to youtube | How To Upload To YouTube

If you want to view your video and enhance it more on YouTube, then just click through that link and you will be taken to your video on YouTube. That’s it.

Now, if you still don’t know how to create a video on YouTube and no idea yet how to use Ezvid to create one, then follow these easy and quick simple steps below that will get you right through making a video to uploading to YouTube.

1. Download Ezvid Free Slideshow Maker for YouTube

2. Install Ezvid on your computer. It usually takes just a few seconds to minutes with the installation process.

3. Once installed, you can then open Ezvid to start creating videos. Just click the Ezvid icon on your desktop.

ezvid icon at desktop | How To Upload To YouTube

4. If you are into making a picture slideshow, you may click the “add picture/video” icon (see image below). Same is true if you are creating one video from different video clips and put it all together, just click that icon and drag n drop all of it on Ezvid’s timeline.

add photos or video| How To Upload To YouTube

5. You may rearrange sequence of pictures or clips if you need to – just drag one clip/picture and put it where you would like to place it. You can also drag one side of the clip/picture to lengthen its time on the video.

rearrange pictures | How To Upload To YouTube

6. If you like to add a story to your video by adding text, then use the “T” icon feature of Ezvid. It will show the text editor where you can customize your text and click “Finish” once done. You may need to add more text slides if you want.

add text slide | How To Upload To YouTube

ezvid text editor | How To Upload To YouTube

7. Fill in the Title, Description and Keywords – at this moment, you can actually make easy SEO of your videos. Create catchy titles for your video. Put relevant keywords to your video. If you have an external link place it under Description and be sure its clickable.

add title description tags | How To Upload To YouTube

8. Adding music to your video and overriding the existing audio of your clips can be done with Ezvid – just go to the Music panel of Ezvid and click the drop-down menu. Hover over a song and it will preview automatically. Choose what’s best for your video slideshow.

ezvid music | How To Upload To YouTube

9. When everything is good, hit the upload to YouTube button. Like what has been said before, then wait until you see a YouTube message and all is set. Everything works perfectly. You see more video conversion, no crashes, and no freezes. It’s made easy now with Ezvid. Go get Ezvid if you haven’t yet and start making YouTube videos now.

youtube message link | How To Upload To YouTube