How To Take Video Of Screen

How To Take Video Of Screen

Drained with ideas or videos you want to upload on YouTube? How about making a video of your screen? You don’t need to pay or subscribed to paid software to do this, there are a few ones that can do more like paid software yet it is totally free. Go ahead and create videos using this easy to use tool called Ezvid.

Ezvid is a very user-friendly screen recorder for Windows that is at the same time a video editor for YouTube. It’s now the world’s easiest screen recorder & screen capture program as you just need to click one button and you are there.

Ezvid captures your entire screen and everything that it sees on your screen as well. So if you play a movie and make a video out of it, you can always use Ezvid to do this. If you want to make a video of the games you play online, even a demo presentation you want to make a video with, you can always do that with Ezvid. All you need is Ezvid and then let Ezvid do the rest for you.  Using Ezvid would definitely help you & saves you time. Widely used for all ages as long as you run Windows in your PC.

It’s a lightweight Windows application which requires XP SP3 to run. It is also compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, and its Windows 8-ready. Plus, it records in HD and uploads to YouTube fast. It even has an amazing voice synthesis integrated on it with an awesome speed control function you can use during your video editing. So, it’s entirely perfect for your desktop or browser recording.

Now, using Ezvid is quite easy so how about let’s take a look at these few easy steps on how to take video of screen using Ezvid? Follow this simple & quick tutorial below to create one:

1. First, you need to download and install Ezvid on your computer.

ezvid screen recorder and video editor for youtube

2. Then open Ezvid by double-clicking the Ezvid icon usually found on your desktop.

3. You should see this Ezvid interface.

Ezvid interface | How To Take Video Of Screen

4. With Ezvid now open, click the “capture screen” button. This will only capture the screen but it does not yet capture your voice.

capture screen | How To Take Video Of Screen

5. To capture screen and at the same time your voice, click the “capture screen and voice” icon, just right beside the “capture screen” button.

capture screen and voice | How To Take Video Of Screen

6. Open anything on your desktop – may it be a movie you want to record, an online game like Tetris, Minecraft, Call of Duty, League of Legends, demos, slideshows or PowerPoint presentations and begin.

ezvid captures tetris | How To Take Video Of Screen

7. When you’re finished recording, press the “Stop” icon (as seen in the image)

ezvid stop feature

You can always repeat steps 5 to 7 if you want to capture another video again and it is then being treated as another media file added on the same project. 

Ezvid then automatically renders your recorded video and it’s then added in the media timeline. No more imports. No more worries about video conversion of format. It’s all made automatically for you.

Once it’s the media timeline, you are now free to edit your video – you can add text captions, add voice (if during the recording you just click capture screen), add background music, speed or slow down the video playback, zoom in or zoom out, or even splice/duplicate the media file.

Then once editing is done and you see it perfect, add title, description and keywords to your video.

ezvid title description keywords | How To Take Video Of Screen

Upload your video to YouTube – by simply clicking the “upload to YouTube” button and your video is being rendered right away. Always agree to YouTube Terms & Conditions.

upload to youtube | How To Take Video Of Screen

To go back to your video, you can always do that by clicking the “load project” icon as your video is being saved automatically on “Ezvid Projects” then you either press edit or duplicate.

load project icon | How To Take Video Of Screen

ezvid saved projects | How To Take Video Of Screen

So that’s it. It’s all simple, it’s fast and definitely a very easy and awesome tool you can use for FREE. Go get Ezvid now and make lots of videos of your own.