How To Record Your PC Screen For Free (in HD!)

How To Record Your Screen With Ezvid

If before you can only do some video and slideshow creation as well as basic video editing with Ezvid, then right now you can do more as the newest released version today is able to capture or record your screen without delays!

Yes, Ezvid can now capture and record your screen and so it’s a perfect tool to use if you want to record gameplay videos, or even make screencast tutorials, etc . Remember, some apps don’t have built-in video editing capabilities or can upload videos straight to YouTube. But with Ezvid, its almost an ALL-in-ONE video editor pack – from recording real-time gameplay videos to video editing to uploading on YouTube. Wow…so awesome, right?

What’s even more appealing is Ezvid can do more screen recording and whenever you hit the stop button, it’s always being added to Ezvid’s timeline. So you will get a collection of screen recorded clips and process it right away to your timeline. This is what makes Ezvid different than the others. Because its all built in, you do not need to convert files or import files and transfer it to a video editing software or even worry if the format is supported or not as its all in one place. Once its done with recording, it saves right away to the timeline ready for more video enhancements ;-)

So why look for another when Ezvid can take you further? So get Ezvid now and try and make lots of videos.

However, if you are still unsure how to record your screen with Ezvid and wants some quick and easy tutorial, then you’ve come to the right place as today, I’m going to teach you how you can easily record screen using Ezvid.

Follow these easy and simple steps below and you’re on your own way to make lots of videos you want:

1. Download the latest Ezvid Free Video Maker for YouTube.

ezvid free video maker for youtube

2. Install it on your computer. Once installed, open Ezvid by double-clicking the Ezvid icon. You should see the Ezvid interface below

ezvid interface | How To Record Your Screen With Ezvid

3. To start recording your screen, click the icon “capture screen” (as seen below)

ezvid screen capture | How To Record Your Screen With Ezvid

4. Ezvid will prompt a message

ezvid prompt message | How To Record Your Screen With Ezvid

5. By this time, Ezvid starts recording any activity that is happening on your screen. However, you don’t have the option yet to customize the area it captures and so it captures the whole area of your monitor.

6. To stop the recording, just press the “stop” icon to stop it or click “x” to cancel.

ezvid stop icon | How To Record Your Screen With Ezvid

7. Ezvid will process it right away. Please wait for a few seconds while it’s being reflected to your timeline. Automatically it will adjust the duration of the recorded time to the length on Ezvid’s timeline.

ezvid timeline | How To Record Your Screen With Ezvid

8. May it be a gameplay video or an instructional video, you can always add a commentary footage by clicking the “record voice” icon. However, you CAN never do both at the same time by clicking “record voice and screen”.

ezvid add voice | How To Record Your Screen With Ezvid

9. Now you can also add a background music to your video. Don’t worry, it will not override the recorded audio you have. As what its meant – it’s a background music so while you are doing voice narration, you also have a background music spicing up your video. Choose from the list of songs whichever fits to your video. They have one of the best and coolest tracks and its all YouTube-legal so safe for YouTube use.

ezvid music library | How To Record Your Screen With Ezvid

10. If you plan to up it on YouTube, be sure you add a title, description, and keywords to your video.

add title

11. Hit “play” to preview your video first and see if everything is good.

ezvid preview

12. Then click “upload to YouTube” to start uploading your video to YouTube. Agree to YouTube terms & conditions. Login to your YouTube account and then wait while the video is being rendered and processed.

ezvid upload to youtube

You should usually get this message below once it’s done uploading to YouTube

youtube message link

And so that’s how to record your screen using Ezvid. Real simple, right? So its only a matter of creativity. Make yourself more videos now using Ezvid. It’s not only fun and easy, it’s totally FREE.