How To Record Your Desktop

How To Record Your Desktop

Learn how to record your desktop easily using the free software for Windows called Ezvid. Ezvid is able to record everything and anything it sees on your computer screen and creates high-quality video file which you can instantly upload to YouTube.

Sometimes making screen shots and text tutorials just aren’t enough to describe and explain something the steps you do to accomplish either – a task, a process, or a gameplay. There are available tools that allow you to capture or record your desktop but none are as very easy and totally free as Ezvid Screen Recorder for Windows.

Ezvid Free Screen Recorder for Windows is totally free forever. No need to sign up. No need to register to download the program. Just get it right away and use it anytime you want.

The screen recording feature of Ezvid is very easy to use and it’s one of the mostly used recording tools right now due to the fact that it is a freeware – where you can enjoy all the features it offers unlike shareware where there are lots of restrictions, and it has an interface that is easy to navigate and use.

With its screen recording tool, it captures even the slightest movement of your cursor. It is able to capture gameplay videos you play on and offline, and also captures any streaming activity on your browser. You also have the option to add voice narration to your captured video as Ezvid supports audio recording. A perfect feature for any gameplay videos or instructional videos you want to do.

ezvid screen recorder free | How To Record Your Desktop

Record Your Screen

So here’s a quick text tutorial that will guide you on how to record your desktop using Ezvid Free Screen Recorder for Windows

1. Download Ezvid Free Screen Recorder v

2. Install the application on your desktop. The installation process won’t take that long.

3. Next open Ezvid by double-clicking the icon usually found on your desktop and you will be prompted with the Ezvid interface.

ezvid interface | How To Record Your Desktop

4. Then just click “capture screen” button to start your recording. A countdown timer pops up in about 3 seconds and once it disappears, it now starts recording your screen.

capture screen | How To Record Your Desktop

Currently, the recording is set to full screen and does not record audio simultaneously.

5. Once recording is finished, click “stop” and it is processed automatically on Ezvid and added on the timeline.

ezvid timeline | How To Record Your Desktop

Once it’s on the timeline, you have the option to edit the video – add voice narration, add text, add background music, speed up or slow down, or upload to YouTube.

6. Adding voice narration to your video is pretty easy – just click “record voice” icon and it will start recording your voice so you can explain your gameplay or instructional video better.

ezvid record voice | How To Record Your Desktop

7. To add background music – simply go to Ezvid Music List and choose song you like for your video. With Ezvid’s background music, you can enjoy being copyright-clean with your video as all of the tracks are 100% safe for YouTube use.

ezvid music library | How To Record Your Desktop

8. Speed up or slow down your video – by right clicking the media file on the timeline and then click on “Speed”

ezvid speed feature | How To Record Your Desktop

9. Rearrange sequence of your clips – by double-clicking the file and dragging it to anywhere you want it be placed on the timeline.

10. Add text slides to your video – simply click the “add text” icon and you will have the option to customize the background color, font and style as well.

ezvid text editor | How To Record Your Desktop

11. Upload to YouTube instantly – simply go to “upload to YouTube” button and click on it. Then agree to YouTube terms&conditions. Log-on to your YouTube account and in a few minutes, your video is being rendered and uploaded.

ezvid upload to youtube icon | How To Record Your Desktop

To view your uploaded video on YouTube, just click the link shown in the message you will see after it is uploaded successfully:

youtube message link | How To Record Your Desktop

And that’s how you can record your desktop using Ezvid free screen recorder for Windows. Go and download Ezvid now and make one for yourself. After all, it’s the easiest tool to use plus you can enjoy the full features it offers. Have fun and stay tuned for more cool, fun tutorials.