How To Record A Web Browser

How To Record A Web Browser

Are programs keeping you from recording a web browser? Do you want to have the flexibility of recording web browsers just the way you want it? Are you tired of programs giving you trial periods only and after it expires, you can’t use their full features anymore?

Then we have the best solution for you! Download Ezvid Screen Recorder & Video Editor for YouTube. With the newest version of Ezvid today, you can simultaneously record audio and video at the same time! It’s perfect for your gaming needs, even how-to tutorials or even recording online streaming from your web browser.

Ezvid Screen Recorder & Video Editor is totally free. Just hit the download button and you will have it right away on your PC. If you haven’t done that yet, then go ahead and start downloading Ezvid now and make videos and post it on YouTube. For those who have Ezvid already installed, update your version to the latest release.

With the newest version, it’s packed with lots of cool features you can use for your video production. It has “game recording” feature perfect for your gaming needs. It now has “capture screen & audio” feature so while you capture screen, you can also make commentary footage at the same time, and the newest version has also the “speech synthesis” feature which you can use if you want to produce artificial human language with your text captions. Using all of these are pretty easy.

Today, I will show you how to record a web browser using the newest Ezvid Screen Recorder for Windows.

1. First you have to download the newest released version – Ezvid Screen Recorder & Video Editor for YouTube

ezvid screen recorder and video editor for youtube

2. Once download is complete, install the new version on your PC (uninstall the old version if you have the old version first) before installing the newest one.

3. Once installation is done, open Ezvid by double-clicking the Ezvid icon usually found on your desktop. And you should see this Ezvid interface (see image below)

Ezvid interface

4. Then now that you have Ezvid opened, we proceed to how to record your web browser. To do this, you either have two options:

A. Capture audio and video simultaneously. Click on the the icon “capture screen and audio”. When you do, it prompts you if you have a headset. Make sure you have a headset on so that it captures the audio. Then just hit “start” and in a few seconds, Ezvid starts capturing your screen and then of course go to the web browser you want to capture.

capture screen and audio

B. Capture screen then add audio after recording. To do this, click on the “capture screen” icon and in a few seconds, it starts to capture your screen. The only difference is there is no audio capture during this time. But you can add audio or make a voice narration after capture by clicking the “record voice” icon.

capture screen

record voice

5. To stop your screen capture is the same for both of these options – just press or click on the “stop” icon found usually at the bottom left corner of your screen.

ezvid stop

6. Once you stop your screen recording, it is automatically imported onto Ezvid timeline. (Wait for a few seconds while Ezvid renders your video)

ezvid import

Then when it’s on the timeline, you can now enhance it more by either adding text captions, make it fast or slow it down, splice it or duplicate the file, add music, or even upload to YouTube

7. To add text caption to your video – just click the “add text” icon (as seen in the image below). You then see Ezvid text editor which you can either customize its font, background or style

add text caption

8. To give a slow motion/fast motion effects – right click the media file and then click on “speed” – and you have the option to either slow it down or speed it up (depending on your preferred effect)

ezvid speed feature

9. To splice or duplicate the file – same with the above step, just right click the media file and either choose duplicate or choose split and it will then automatically split/duplicate the file.

ezvid split or duplicate

10. To add music to your video – simply click the music list under the left pane of Ezvid. Most of these songs are safe for use in YouTube so using this won’t get you into trouble. It’s 100% safe and so hover over a song and choose which ones you like best for your video.

ezvid music library

When you’re done editing your video – add some title and description to your video.

ezvid title description keywords

Then upload your video to YouTube – by just clicking the “upload to YouTube button. Always agree to YouTube terms and conditions and login to your account. Then wait for some time while Ezvid is upping your video on YouTube and that should do it.

upload to youtube

You just created and recorded your web browser and upped it on YouTube. Make more videos now with the easiest screen recorder and screen capture software for Windows. Stay tuned for more cool tutorials and fun stuff here only at