How To Make Screen Shots For YouTube

How To Make Screen Shots For YouTube

Ever wanted to make screen shots and post it on YouTube? Tired of using programs that won’t get you into YouTube right away? OR some just don’t have the capability and the great quality you need to make screen shots?

Well, then you need Ezvid Free Screen Recorder. It’s a universal Windows application that runs smoothly in almost all Windows versions including XP SP3, Vista, 7 and 8-ready. Aside from being a screen capture software, it is also the world’s first ever video maker that integrates speech synthesis into its system. What is more promising with Ezvid is that it is all yours for FREE and forever. You don’t need to sign up nor register to get it, just download the program Ezvid Free Screen Recorder and in no time, you have it in your PC.

If ever there are some problems with your download, check your Internet speed/connection first. Usually, download starts right away and have no problems at all with installation and things like that.

To use Ezvid as a screen shot maker is very easy. Because it’s a screen recorder software, it captures everything it sees on your screen – from the slightest cursor movements to internet streaming videos to games you are playing or even to slideshow or PowerPoint presentations – it captures all it sees. With this, you can make lots of screen shots of the things you wanna cover and upload it to YouTube right away without even worrying the video format as Ezvid is YouTube-ready. Once it’s on the Ezvid timeline then it just uploads to YouTube easily with a single click of a button. That’s how easy it is to use Ezvid. Plus it comes with a very neat and a very easy-to-use user-interface. Buttons are properly labeled for you to know its function.

And today, I’m going to show you how to make screen shots for YouTube with Ezvid in a very easy-to-follow steps.

1. First, you have to download Ezvid Free Screen Recorder for Windows.

2. Next, install Ezvid on your computer. Installation is definitely easy – just follow the prompts and you will not have problems with it.

3. Once installed, open the program by clicking the icon usually sitting in your desktop screen. You should then see this Ezvid interface when you open Ezvid.

4. After you open Ezvid, you are now ready to take screen shots of the videos or images you want. To do this, click the “capture screen” icon and in about 3 seconds, it starts to capture.

ezvid capture screen

5. If you are wanting to make a screen shot of a video, you can do that. Ready the video you want to capture first, then click the capture screen and then play the video and Ezvid starts capturing that video. Then hit stop” icon to stop the recording and you just made one screen shot.

ezvid stop icon

To make more screen shot videos, repeat steps 4 and 5 and you then make lots of screen shots or CLIPS of videos you like.

6. Then once you hit “stop” those captured videos are then imported and rendered immediately on Ezvid’s timeline. No need to save it as Ezvid does this for you.

ezvid timeline

7. To access the videos that are saved, you just click the “load project” icon and then you will see that your projects were there which you can either edit again, duplicate, or even delete if you don’t want it stored.

ezvid saved projects

To edit your captured screen shots of videos, you simply either add text captions, speed up or slow down the video, add audio or voice commentary, or even splice it.

8. To add text captions – just click the “add text” icon and it will show you Ezvid text editor where you can make your own style of text – from background color to font to style you like

ezvid text

9. To slow down or speed up your videos – just right click the media file and then press “speed” – it will then gave you options to either slow it or speed it up. You choose!

ezvid speed feature

10. To add voice commentary – you can simply do that by pressing the “record voice” icon. What it does is it captures your audio so be sure to have your microphone on.

ezvid record voice icon

11. To splice a video file – you just have to right click the media file and the click on “split” and it will automatically split your video file into two.

ezvid split

After you’re done editing, add some background music by going over the Ezvid music list. Importing of mp3 file is not allowed in Ezvid to avoid copyright infringement policy being imposed by YouTube. So the tracks which are all free in Ezvid music list are all copyright-clean so they are safe for use and you are 100% sure your account won’t get flagged by YouTube.

ezvid music library

Then add title and description to your video.

ezvid title description keywords

Once all is set, upload it to YouTube by clicking the “upload to YouTube” icon. Please accept the terms and conditions, then log in to your YouTube account, and in a few minutes, your video is being rendered and uploaded to YouTube.

upload to youtube

That’s it. You just created and uploaded screen shots to YouTube. Quite easy, right? U use Ezvid for all your screen capture needs and you are sure you have beautiful videos and uploaded to YouTube without problems. No lags, HD-ready, and it’s all yours for FREE.