How To Make Game Videos

How To Make Game Videos

Creating your own game video is quite easy and simple. There are actually lots of software available that lets you create and edit your game videos which are specifically designed to capture gameplay footage and show off on YouTube but only few are considered the best ones.

Within those few, some are shareware which you cannot enjoy its full features unless you upgrade or subscribed to the paid version and some of us don’t just buy it unless the price is reasonable. There are also others that are just not what you are looking no matter how good they are – lots of incompatibilities and complexities… So introducing Ezvid Free Screen Recorder for Windows – this is a revolutionary video maker as now it supports screen casting making this as the world’s first video maker that integrates screencasting and voice generation feature into one software.

With Ezvid, you can easily make game videos in a few minutes to even longer than 5 minutes. The screen capture feature allows recording of game videos very easily and uploads to YouTube instantly. With its voice narration feature too, one can make a commentary footage which is perfect for someone who teaches tips and tricks of gameplay videos. Not only it’s great for gameplay videos, it’s also very useful for someone who are into how-to tutorials and are making instructional videos. Using its voice narration function, one can easily teach someone the processes involved or the steps how he makes game videos.

Ezvid screen recording tool captures the whole area of your monitor with just one click of a button. It does not however allow you yet to customize the region you want to record. It also captures anything that happens on your computer screen – internet streaming, mouse movement, and all other stuff you are doing on your computer. Currently, it does not allow recording of audio simultaneously while it records screen. So when recording your game, it can record video but no audio yet. But the good thing is, it lets you add voice narration so after you record your game, you can best explain and describe by making a commentary footage to your game video.

So if you want to make game videos, use Ezvid as its perfect for the task.

Here’s a quick and simple tutorial that will teach you how to make game videos and add voice narration plus other cool effects.

 1. Download Ezvid Free Screen Recorder for Windows

ezvid screen recorder free | How To Make Game Videos

2. Install the application on your computer and open the program right away. You know you have successfully installed when you see the Ezvid interface below after you open the program.

ezvid interface | How To Make Game Videos

3. Next, click the capture screen” icon (seen in the image below). A countdown timer prompts you in about 3 seconds and once it disappears, it is now actively recording your screen.

capture screen | How To Make Game Videos

4. Go to your game you want to cover or make a video with. In this example, let’s say you play minecraft. So open minecraft. Show off your skills. Play the game the way you want it to happen and record your game video.


There are options at this time: Either you continue playing until you finished your game video OR you can cut it in clips. Say you record a game and hit stop, and then record another game and hit stop. All of these recordings are automatically imported on Ezvid’s timeline and are treated as one video clip. So you can actually make ONE video in different media clips.

5. To stop the recording, just hit “stop” and it is rendered automatically to Ezvid.

ezvid stop icon

6. To add voice commentary to your footage – just click the “record voice” icon. Be sure that your microphone is on and volume is not muted so it captures your audio. When you click on record voice, the video also plays automatically. So when you want to make commentary footage, this is actually the best way to do it.

ezvid record voice | How To Make Game Videos

7. To sync audio and video speed, you can adjust speed of the video play by right-clicking the media file and choose “Speed”. It lets you speed up or slow down the video.

ezvid speed feature | How To Make Game Videos

8. Split media files into two – by right clicking the media file again and click “Split” and it automatically separates that file into two parts.

ezvid split feature | How To Make Game Videos

9. Add a background music to your video production. You can however choose from the list if you want to change the default music added as background to your video.

ezvid music library | How To Make Game Videos

10. Add text slides as you want it – just click “add text” icon and it will give you the option to choose background color, style and font. Hit “Finish” once done.

ezvid text slide | How To Make Game Videos

11. When everything is perfect, preview your video. And then add title, description and keywords before upload

ezvid title description keywords | How To Make Game Videos

12. When it’s ready, click the “upload to YouTube” button so it is uploaded to YouTube successfully. It asks for your log-in account and also asks that you agree to YouTube Terms and Conditions. Then in a few minutes, your video is being uploaded and rendered to YouTube.

ezvid upload to youtube icon | How To Make Game Videos

And your done! That’s how you can make game videos using Ezvid Free Screen Recorder for Windows. It’s that easy and simple, right? So go get and download Ezvid now and make game videos for YouTube ;)