How to Make an Awesome Slideshow or Movie of Pictures

Ever wondered about how to make an awesome slideshow or movie of pictures! are you searching for a method to do so? then you’re at the right place. This tutorial will help you on how to make an awesome slideshow or movie of pictures.

Download Ezvid at



Download Ezvid at


Make you viewers happy with appealing slideshows that are neither dull nor mundane. The most important thing you require when planning to make an awesome slideshow or movie of pictures is a perfect application that serves the purpose. Many apps available in the market may tempt you; however, when considering the price factor and intuitiveness, you’ll be frustrated to choose most of them. Let’s pay no attention to complex programs that are too costly as well as demand days/weeks to understand the entire program. We recommend you to go for an outstanding option known as  the Ezvid. It’s really easy to make an awesome slideshow or movie of pictures using this incredibly intuitive, free-to-download video maker intended for Windows. With Ezvid, unleash your creativity and quickly create stunning slideshows for your fans, followers, friends, etc. on social networking sites. The highlight is that this software is 100% free!!! No matter whether you wish to make a vacation photo slideshow, a birthday party slideshow, or a promotion slideshow that showcases your goods in style, the Ezvid app comes with everything needed to make a awesome slideshow, which is visually perfect & high in professionalism. In addition to easily making your preferred slideshow, Ezvid allows you to upload your slide shows to YouTube in a jiffy.


Download Ezvid at


Ezvid supports a variety of image formats, including GIF, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, to name a few. The real outcome with Ezvid is top notch. All you need to do is simply load your collection of photos in the Ezvid timeline, pick an attractive music track, type a few text, modify the photos a little according to your preference. When you feel that the slideshow looks the way you want it, just enter a bit of basic details and click the “upload to youtube” button, which will trigger the uploading process instantly…it’s that simple. Additionally, the tracks available in Ezvid repository are copyrighted; thus, you don’t have to worry about any copy-right violations when uploading your slideshows to YouTube. The Ezvid software is made especially to work with all recent versions of Windows, including Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Window 7.

If you’re sick and tired of other problematic slideshow makers and still not comfy with the strategies on how to make an awesome slideshow or movie of pictures…this is the ideal spot. I’ll show you some easy steps on how to make an awesome slideshow or movie of pictures using Ezvid. Follow the steps below:

Note: Before you begin the process mentioned above, ensure that all the required pictures needed for creating the slide show are copied to one particular folder. This process infact will fasten the process of creating the slideshow.

Step Number 1:  Download and Install the Ezvid app

The first thing you have to do is to download Ezvid – the free and effective tool for creating the slideshow of pictures. Then, you need to install Ezvid. In order to download Ezvid, click here.

Step Number 2 – Open Ezvid application from Your PC

After you complete the Ezvid setup, double-click the shortcut icon for Ezvid (Screen shot of Ezvid desktop icon) seen on your desktop. The Ezvid application will be loaded on to your system.

If you are unable to locate the ezvid shortcut icon, follow the below steps for loading the Ezvid application:

For Windows 7

  • To begin with, click on the Screen shots of Windows ORB (Windows ORB button) seen on the your system’s taskbar.
  • Then, type ezvid in the Search programs and files box.
  • Result: The Ezvid application will be displayed in the Windows ORB menu.
  • Click clicking the Ezvid icon (Ezvid icon) for loading the Ezvid application.


Screenshot - opening ezvid in windows 7

For Windows XP

In order to load Ezvid, click Start, move the mouse pointer towards All Programs, then move the mouse pointer towards ezvid, and then click clicking the Ezvid icon (icon for Ezvid application).

Screen shot - Opening Ezvid in Windows XP

Step Number 3 – Create a Fresh Project

To create a fresh project, click the icon named as New project (Screenshot - The New project button)

Screenshot - Starting a new project on Ezvid


  • Load a project which is already saved – To load a project, which is already saved, you need to click the icon named as Load a Project (Screenshot - The Load a project button).
  • Result: The window named as my ezvid projects appears.
  • Move your cursor over a project you want to load. Then click on the icon named as edit project (Screenshot - Edit project button) for loading that project into Ezvid.

Screenshot - Loading an already saved project

  • Note: If you want to duplicate or remove an already existing project, click on the duplicate project icon (Screenshot - Duplicate project button) or delete project icon (Screenshot - Delete project button) accordingly.

Step Number 4 – Place the pictures to Ezvid’s timeline

In order to finish this step, you have to try either of the 2 methods shown below:

First Method: Choose your preferred location (folder containing the pictures for creating the slideshow). Then you have to drag and drop the pictures on to the Ezvid’s timeline.

Screenshot - Dragging the pictures to Ezvid timeline

Second Method: Click on the icon named as add pictures or video (Screen shot of Ezvid Add media button), browse to find your desired location (folder containing the pictures for slideshow creation), and choose your preferred photos for creating the picture slideshow. Then click on the button named as Open for inserting the chosen pictures to the Ezvid’s timeline.

Screenshot - Adding pictures to the Ezvid timeline

Note: Choose the images and add them one after the other or as a group. While you choose more than one picture parallely, ensure that you are press the key named CTRL on the keyboard and hold it.

Step Number 5 – Customize the slideshow of pictures using Ezvid

After you add the photos, do the below listed modifications for improving the look and feel of the slideshow of your picture:

  • Add a tempting music track to your picture slideshow: From the Music list, choose a music track your prefer by clicking on it.

Screenshot - Adding music track to Ezvid

  • Note: If you want to listen to any particular music track in the Music list, move your mouse pointer to that particular music track.
  • Stretch the time period of a picture: To perform this step, move the mouse pointer over a picture added on the time line of Ezvid. After the mouse pointer changes to an arrow having double-sides (Screen shot of double-sided arrow), drag the mouse pointer to right to stretch the time frame.

Screenshot - Lengthening the time frame of Ezvid

  • Mix up the added pictures: Click on your preferred pictures, and drag and drop it to right or left so as to switch the order in which the pictures appear.

Screenshot - Shuffling the pictures on Ezvid

  • Type text in the picture slideshow: Click on the Ezvid’s add text button       (Screenshot of Add text button). Then, enter text in the field that pops up. After you enter the text, you can close the text field by clicking on the finish button.

Screenshot - Adding text to your slideshow

  • Clear/Choose the Pan and Zoom function: For performing this step, you have to right-click a picture that is already loaded, and then you need to click on the Pan and Zoom property for enabling the picture’s pan and zoom function.

Screenshot - Adding or removing the pan and zoom properties

  • Note 1: If you have already opted for the pan and zoom function (a tick mark will appear adjacent to the Pan and Zoom property), For clearing the tick mark, click once more on Pan and Zoom.
  • Note 2: Similarly, it is possible to remove, split, or duplicate pictures in the Ezvid timeline.
  • Add voice commentaries: For doing this, click on the record voice icon (Screen shot of mic icon) found just beneath the add text icon (Screenshot of Add text button). Take the mic of your PC, and start to record the voice commentaries while you play the picture slideshow for the chosen photos. In this way, you can effortlessly add some impressive commentaries to the pictures.

Screenshot - Adding a voice narration to your slideshow

Step 6 – Insert keywords, description, and title to your slideshow

Enter the necessary information in the fields, such as Description, Title, Keywords, and Category.

Screenshot - Adding title, description, keyword, etc. to your slideshow

Step 7 – View the picture slideshow before publishing

After finishing Steps 1 to 6, click the play icon(Screen shot of play button), review the picture slideshow, and carry out any necessary changes before uploading the picture slideshow to YouTube. Once you reach till this stage, uploading the picture slideshow to YouTube is just a click away.

Step 8 – Upload the picture slideshow on to YouTube

In order to upload the picture slideshow to YouTube, click on the button named as upload to youtube. After that, when prompted, you can start the uploading process by logging on to the YouTube account using the login credentials. Wait until your picture slideshow is uploaded to your YouTube account.

Screenshot - Uploading your slideshow to YouTube

Once the picture slideshow is uploaded to your YouTube account successfully, you will receive a message, which notifies that your picture slideshow is successfully uploaded to your account. Normally, the notification appears as a Click here to watch your new video on YouTube message. To view the picture slideshow on YouTube, click the link named here in the message, which is displayed below.

Screen - Watch the new youtube slideshow

If you follow the steps mentioned above, you’ll find it extremely simple to make an awesome slideshow or movie of pictures. To find other  useful tutorials, please click here.