How To Make A Wedding Video For YouTube

How To Make A Wedding Video For YouTube

Got some wedding pictures and want to make a video of it? Have any wedding clips and want to put all clips together and make one video out of it but don’t really know what best software to use? Well, then use Ezvid – works really great for creating videos at any occasion – from wedding to real estate business to promotional videos and lots more.

Ezvid is a very user-friendly video maker tool that you no longer vie for another software plus its totally free. You can download Ezvid Free Slideshow Maker here and start creating your wedding video. If you aren’t sure how to use Ezvid, then today I will walk you through how to make a wedding video for YouTube. This is what Ezvid makes even nicer than others, it lets you upload your video straight to YouTube. Isn’t that so cool? Well, yes it is. With Ezvid, you can upload finished videos straight to YouTube. No more hassle, no more conversion, accepts all kinds of video format and it makes your life simpler.

So learn from the steps below and get creative with your wedding video:

1. Download Ezvid on your computer. To download it, click where you see “Free Download” button.

2. Install Ezvid right away. Follow the simple video tutorial here if you don’t know how to install Ezvid: //

3. Once installed, you can click the “add picture or video” icon to start creating your wedding video. Ezvid accepts almost every kinds of video format from AVI, WMV, MOV to MPEG, MP4, & FLV. Same is true for most of the picture formats. Thus you won’t be having problems at all importing any clips you have or still images you own.

ezvid picture or video icon

4. When you find the photos, click “Open” or simply “drag and drop” all of them to Ezvid’s timeline.

ezvid timeline

Enhance the look and style of your wedding video by adding music, voice or text.

5. To add or record your voice, click the “record voice” icon and it will start capturing your audio. So before you click this icon, make sure you have your microphone ready.

ezvid record voice icon

6. To add some background music to your wedding video, feel free to use the soundtracks coming from “Ezvid music library” by clicking the drop-down arrow and hovering over a song. Ezvid’s music are all copyright-clean and thus safer for use for your YouTube videos.

ezvid music library

7. To make some text slides for your wedding video, simply click the “add text” icon and then Ezvid text editor will show. With Ezvid text editor, it will give you more options to choose for font style & background colors.

ezvid add text icon

8. Hit “Finish” once done and your text slide will be added onto the timeline.

ezvid text editor

9. You may rearrange the sequence of your pictures by double clicking a picture and drag it.

rearrange pictures | How To Make A Wedding Video For YouTube

10. When you are done with editing, preview your video – simply click the “play button“.

ezvid preview video

11. Once satisfied with how it looks, add title, description and keywords to your video.

ezvid title box

12. Click “upload to YouTube” button. Agree to YouTube Terms and Conditions and then login to your YouTube account. In a moment, your video will start uploading to YouTube. Wait for a few minutes and then you should see a link where it says “Click here to watch your new video on YouTube

ezvid upload video button

How To Make A Wedding Video For YouTube

If you want to watch it on YouTube, then just click through that link and it will take you through your video in your YouTube account.

That’s it. Very easy and simple. Ezvid is not only fun – it’s also FREE. So go get Ezvid now and start creating beautiful videos of your own.