How To Make A Video Without A Camera

How To Make A Video Without A Camera

Got no camera but wished to create amazing videos? Ever wanted to produce a video and posted on YouTube without the use of digital cam or webcam? Of course you can and it’s very easy. You just have to download Ezvid Freeware Screen Recorder for Windows and you can make videos, even lots of videos without worrying with cameras.

With Ezvid, you can take a video screen recording of the videos you like. You can browse or stream videos and while streaming you can capture the video on your own. It also creates a video with still images. What it does is by using the “add media” button and importing ALL your images, it creates one whole movie for that alone.

Ezvid takes you to another level then. As a screen recording tool, it captures any activity that happens on your screen from cursor movements to streaming videos to online gameplay. Currently, recording audio simultaneously is being developed. But it can definitely record or add audio after video recording. So got photos to make a video with? Got some cool stuff to make some tutorials? Got a gameplay you wish to record? Then Ezvid is the right software for you. And because it is yours for FREE forever. What more can you ask for?

So go ahead and download Ezvid Free Screen Recorder for Windows and I’ll teach you how to make a video without a camera.

1. Download Ezvid Free Screen Recorder. You should have no problems downloading it as you just jump right in at and press the download button and you have it right away.

2. Once download is complete, install it on your PC. It is quick to install and it’s very light so you should have no problems at all.

3. Once installation is complete, go ahead and open Ezvid on your computer. Ezvid has a very neat user interface with intuitive design.

ezvid interface | How To Make A Video Without A Camera

4. When opened, start capturing or making a video using the “capture screen” feature of Ezvid. What it does is it captures everything that it sees on your desktop. So if you do gameplay, it can capture it. If you stream videos online, it can capture that video as well. Note that there is no associated audio yet (this is being developed right now)

capture screen| How To Make A Video Without A Camera

 5. If you like to stop the recording, just press the “stop” icon found at the bottom left corner of your screen.

ezvid stop icon | How To Make A Video Without A Camera

 6. The captured video is then rendered immediately onto Ezvid and should appear on your timeline in a few seconds.

ezvid timeline | How To Make A Video Without A Camera

During this time, your captured video is ready for editing – either splicing, trimming, duplicating, adding text slides, or even voice narrating.

7. To add voice narrative to your video – simply click on the “record voice” icon, just beside the “capture screen” icon. Once you do, it starts recording your voice so be sure to have your microphone on when you press that icon.

ezvid record voice icon | How To Make A Video Without A Camera

8. To speed up or slow down a video – you can simply right click the medial file on the timeline and then click on “speed” and it will either give you the option to slow down or speed up.

ezvid speed feature | How To Make A Video Without A Camera

9. To splice or duplicate a video file – again just right click the media file you wish to split into two and then click on “split” and it will automatically separate in two parts. OR click on duplicate to make that file appear as another media file

ezvid split | How To Make A Video Without A Camera

10. To add text caption to your video – just click the “add text” icon and it will give you the Ezvid text editor. It will then give you the option to choose what background colors you want, font or even style.

ezvid text | How To Make A Video Without A Camera

Other advanced video editing is not yet supported with Ezvid but with all those features above, you can actually produce a good gameplay video or a nice piece of demo/instructional videos.

Now, when everything looks perfect, you can add title, description and keywords to your video – to make it search engine friendlier.

ezvid title description keywords | How To Make A Video Without A Camera

Then add some background music to spice it more – just go to Ezvid’s music list and then choose what type of tracks you like. It’s all free and copyright-clean so nothing to worry about when you upload it on YouTube.

ezvid music list | How To Make A Video Without A Camera

Lastly, upload your video to YouTube – by simply clicking the “upload to YouTube” button. This leaves you off the burden of finding another software that uploads video to YouTube or even cut you off from converting a format that YouTube supports as Ezvid’s output is YouTube-ready.

upload to youtube | How To Make A Video Without A Camera

You know you have successfully uploaded your video to YouTube when you see this message on your Ezvid interface.

youtube link | How To Make A Video Without A Camera


That’s it. You’re done. You just created a video without a camera. It’s quite easy and fun yet challenging, right? So make yourself some videos now with Ezvid free screen recorder for Windows.