How To Make A Tutorial Video By Recording Your Screen

How To Make A Tutorial Video By Recording Your Screen

Are making tutorials your best skills? Want to teach someone things you learned by creating tutorial videos? Are you fond of creating tutorial videos but tired of all those programs that won’t give you full features? Then get Ezvid Free Screen Recorder and Video Editor for YouTube. No need sign ups. No registration required. Just download the software right away and use it for free.

Ezvid has revolutionized its way from being a video maker to being a screen recorded and screen capture program for Windows. It is the world’s easiest screen recorder with just one click of the “screen recorder” icon it then records your screen right away.

With its newest version, Ezvid can now record audio and captures screen simultaneously. It also captures the whole area of your screen, very perfect for your tutorial videos. Plus with its speech synthesis, what it does is it translates any text captions you have into artificial human language producing human sound with just one click of a button. Another cool feature of Ezvid is the addition of “game recording” feature solely for your online gaming capturing needs. So whether you want to make a tutorial video of something or for your gameplay, Ezvid Screen Recorder is the best program you have to use.

Using it is very easy. Ezvid comes with a very neat user interface and design that you can easily understood the features you see right at the moment. And today, will teach you how to make a tutorial video by recording your screen using Ezvid.

To do this, first

1. You need to download Ezvid Screen Recorder & Video Editor for Windows (make sure you have the latest one)

2. Then install the program on your computer to use it right away. Installing is very easy. It just usually takes a few minutes to completely install the program. If ever you run into some download problems, check first your connection speed.

3. Next, open Ezvid on your PC, once installation is complete. You should see Ezvid interface on your screen when opened (as seen in the image below)


4. Now once opened, you are ready to make a tutorial video by recording your screen. To do this, click the “capture screen”  icon.


5. To simultaneously record your screen and voice, turn voice recording on in advanced settings.


6. A countdown timer shows up in 3, 2, 1 second and once it disappears, Ezvid starts capturing your screen. So you are now able to create tutorial videos step by step.

ezvid prompt

While you are recording the steps of your tutorial video, you can make voice narration so you can describe or explain more your tutorial in that manner.

7. If you want to stop the recording, just press stop icon (found at the bottom left corner) of your screen.

ezvid stop

To record another step or process of your tutorial, just press the “capture screen and audio” icon again and hit stop. (so just repeat steps 4 to 7) to create more steps on your tutorial.

8. Ezvid then renders your captured screen right away and should be seen on the Ezvid timeline ready for customization or editing

ezvid import


When it’s now on the Ezvid timeline, next step is to edit your video. You either have the option to duplicate or splice the file, make slow motion / fast motion effects, add text captions or text slides (very useful with tutorial videos), or add background music.

9. To duplicate or split the file in two parts – simply right click the media file and then hit either split or duplicate to splice parts into two or make another file which is the entirely the same.

ezvid split or duplicate

10. To add text captions – simply click the “add text” icon and Ezvid text editor should show up giving you the option to add texts and to choose what background color, font and style you like. Then  click on “finish” to have it added on the timeline.

add text caption

sample text


11. If you want to slow down the file or make it play faster – just right click the media file again and choose “speed” – you then have the option to slow it down or speed it up (as you wish)

ezvid speed feature

Add more enhancement by adding background music to your tutorial video– go over the Ezvid music list and choose the songs you like for your tutorial video. This will not override the audio recorded for your video, so don’t worry AND it is 100% safe for use in YouTube. All tracks are copyright-clean and so it gets you out of copyright infringement policy imposed by YouTube.

ezvid music library

When everything is set and perfect, add title, description and (keywords) to your tutorial video.

ezvid title description keywords


Then lastly, upload your video to YouTube – to gain and reach out more audience. To do this, click upload to YouTube button and your video will be uploaded in a few minutes. Agree to YouTube Terms&Conditions.

ezvid upload to youtube

How to Use Speech Synthesis in Making a Tutorial Video

If your tutorial videos are more on text, you can actually utilize speech synthesis feature of Ezvid. (and if you are not confident to record your voice)

To use speech synthesis, make sure you have text captions added first on Ezvid timeline.

Then once all text captions are ready, click “synthesize speech” icon to start synthesizing the text into speech.

Preview the output and make sure text caption playback and synthesize speech playback are in sync. If not, delete the audio file, adjust the length of the text caption file so it syncs. Here’s a quick video tutorial for you.

That’s it. You just know how to make a tutorial video by recording your screen using Ezvid. It’s fast, it’s very easy, and it’s FREE. Go get and download Ezvid now so you can make lots of video tutorials either for your business or personal branding.