How To Make A Slideshow For Facebook

How To Make A Slideshow For Facebook

Do you like creating video or picture slideshows and share it on Facebook? It’s just pretty simple and very easy using Ezvid.

Ezvid is a freeware slideshow maker designed for Windows that works in a variety of Windows platforms  – from XP SP3, Vista to Windows 7.  What’s very cool is that Ezvid can entirely upload finished videos to YouTube directly with no registration required to download the program. Along with the software are 20 free soundtracks, guaranteed to be YouTube legal thus you won’t run into copyrights infringement issues if you want your videos to be up on YouTube and share it on Facebook.

Today, I’m going to teach you how to make a slideshow for Facebook. First, you need to download Ezvid. We use Ezvid because it is fast, simple and very easy to use plus it can easily share videos to Facebook using the “upload to YouTube” functionality of Ezvid where other movie makers don’t have. So if you don’t have Ezvid yet, go get and download Ezvid now.

Now that you’ve downloaded Ezvid, install it on your computer.  Here’s a nice video tutorial on how to install Ezvid on your computer: //

Once Ezvid is installed, let’s take these quick simple steps to make a slideshow for Facebook:

 Step 1.  Run Ezvid on your computer – just click the shortcut icon found on your desktop

ezvid icon at desktop | How To Make A Slideshow For Facebook

Step 2: Go to the “media file” icon (as indicated in the red box below) to find the video clips or photos you would want to create a video using Ezvid – it can be anything you want – spoofs of a movie, comedy clips, a wedding celebration, a memorial day, or a graduation day. In this tutorial, we will use a collection of captured surfing moments to create a video slideshow and share it on Facebook.

 click on import media icon with ezvid | How To Make A Slideshow For Facebook

 Step 3: Choose a picture/video clip – either one at a time OR choose them ALL by pressing the CTRL + A on your keyboard and click “Open”.

ezvid tutorial

You will then be brought back to the Ezvid interface where you can see your imported photos/clips on the timeline. (Please allow a few seconds while Ezvid is importing all your photos).

 ezvid timeline | How To Make A Slideshow For Facebook

Once pictures are now up on your timeline, you can now edit to give an enhanced look to your slideshow – either add text slides, add background music, or add a voice-narrative. Please Note: You can always change the sequence of your pictures – just point the mouse in a particular picture and drag-n-drop it.

Step 4: Add Text – to add a text to your slideshow, just click the “T” icon found below the “media file” icon. You will then see a text editor where you can type any text you want and choose background color and fonts you want then click “Finish” 

text icon of ezvid | How To Make A Slideshow For Facebook

text slide editor | How To Make A Slideshow For Facebook

Step 5. Add background music – to add a background music, just click the drop-down menu under “song list” panel and choose the song you like (as indicated in the red arrow below) Of Note: You can always preview the song chosen by clicking on the “Play Button”

 ezvid music library | How To Make A Slideshow For Facebook

Tip: Choosing the songs from Ezvid music library is recommended not only because its free but because it is YouTube-legal.

Step 6: Add a voice narrative – just click on the “Mic” icon found below the “T” icon. Be sure your mic is on from your computer to record your voice. To make it work: Just play the video slideshow then comment on the picture each time it shows, this way you can best describe each of your surfing moments…

 voice over icon | How To Make A Slideshow For Facebook

Step 7: Cut & Trim – You can extend the time of your video slideshow by clicking on the magnifying glass icon to zoom in or zoom out OR click on the edge of your pictures either left or right to begin trimming the video length. See this video tutorial for more about how to cut & trim videos using Ezvid:

 cut & trim videos | How To Make A Slideshow For Facebook

Step 8: Add Title, Description and Keywords – (as seen in the red arrow below). It will not upload if these information are not filled up then choose from the list of categories which best represent your video.

 title keywords description icon | How To Make A Slideshow For Facebook

Step 9: Upload to YouTube – click the “upload to YouTube” button  (as seen in the red box below). Then log-in to your YouTube account to start uploading your video. Wait for the video to be saved, rendered and uploaded to your account.

 upload to youtube icon of ezvid | How To Make A Slideshow For Facebook

You will be notified once your video has successfully finished with a link that usually says “click here to watch your new video

Step 10: Click that link – and you will be taken to your video at your YouTube account.

ezvid tutorial

 Step 11: Click the “Share” button (as seen in the image below). Then click on the “Facebook icon” and enter your FB credentials then hit “Share Link”…

 share to facebook | How To Make A Slideshow For Facebook

 How To Make A Slideshow For Facebook

And that’s it! You’re done! Very simple it’s because you have Ezvid. Now you know how to make a slideshow for Facebook. So go get & download Ezvid now if you still don’t have Ezvid yet and start creating your video slideshows for FREE and share it to Facebook…

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