Top 8 Tips On How To Get More Views On YouTube

How To Get More Views On YouTube

Every YouTubers would always aim to get that spot – that millions of views in YouTube. But how does one get more views? It ain’t that easy but it can be feasible and so I’m going to give you my top 8 tips on how to get more views on YouTube out of the videos you own.

1. Optimize Video Title

This is really, really important. Now the question is how can I optimize my video? Well, there’s a lot of tools now you can use to learn how to optimize a title OR the effective tip I’ve learned is to just copy and paste a popular title that is relevant to your video and rephrase it. But don’t overdo it or trick someone as you might lose viewers in time. So optimize it while at the same time be creative.

2. Optimize Description of Your Video

Not only titles but the description of your video as well. This is the best place to describe or advertise what your video is in detail. Place a website link under the description field as well – this will give you a chance to link back to your site, getting some traffic back to your site and helping your site rank on Google’s pages. Make your description the best ad you can, utilize it, and put keywords where necessary.

youtube description field

3. Optimize Tags

Again, another area you have to optimize so your video will have a great chance appearing not only in YouTube’s search engine but in Google’s search engine as well. Note that these two are the biggest search engines in the internet world today and so make use of it. Get visibility by hitting the right words/right optimization of your video. Apply also the suggested tags:

optimize tags

4. Make More Videos

And be consistent. Develop your personal brand. Know what’s trending and make a video of your own. One app I can best recommend is Ezvid. Ezvid is a Free Video & Slideshow Maker for YouTube and so it can easily create videos. In fact, you can create video in less than 5 minutes as long as you already have the idea.

Ezvid also uploads videos straight to YouTube so you no longer worry of other software to do it. It’s all-in-one software. It can also add background music, can do voice narration or text slides. And so it makes things easier for you. You can create titles, add description and put keywords to your video before uploading it to YouTube. So give it a try. It’s actually one of the best solutions to making YouTube videos.

ezvid free video maker for youtube | How To Get More Views On YouTube

5. Engage Yourself in a Community

Getting hits on YouTube is not a one-way process. You must also engage yourself in. How? Make some friends, subscribe to channels you like, do some comments and all those kind of stuff. There’s however a sending limit, a friend request limit and a subscription limit so just watch out for those guidelines and see you don’t violate any YouTube rules. But yes, when you make friends or subscribe to some channels, you can get potential partners, do some collab videos and then you can make video responses to their videos. And when they accepted your video and post it as a response, voila…that would be a great plus!

6. Make Joint Venture Relationships with YouTube

Really? Well, this has been highly-regarded as one of the most effective way of increasing your views as well. It’s considered as one of the YouTube “traffic tricks” and can be a source of extra income as well. When you have built & established a presence in YouTube community, the next step for you is to study potential partners and spend some time getting to know them – their channel, their website and see if they can be the best partners you’d like to be associated with.

7. Promote Your Video

Yes, make your video known not only to Youtube but to other sites as well. If you notice there’s a share button on the Youtube video player and so make use of it. Click through that “Share” button and then icons will show up. You can either Share your video on Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg, LinkedIn, etc. You can in fact email your video. So if you have lots of friends or email lists, email it to them. Chances are they will view it or not but no harm done, right? If they view it, it’s even better. If not, at least you’ve tried.

8. Run Competitions

Well, yes. This is another effective tool of getting more views to your video on YouTube. Why? You are involving your fanbase to your video – it’s more of an active participation inviting other viewers to your channel and can even go viral especially when you run it effectively and efficiently. So give it a try! It’s worth it!

Hope these tips can help you a lot with your views. Remember, it depends on your will and your creativity!

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