How To Record & Screen Capture Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels is a hilarious, obscene, gory online game.  Sharing your online gameplay is popular on YouTube, but how is it done?  Want to screen record your own Happy Wheels gameplay?

First, you’ll need to download and install ezvid from  Ezvid is a free video editor that can capture your screen.  Run Ezvid and click the “Capture Screen” button.  Now, Start playing Happy Wheels.  As you play, Ezvid will be recording your gameplay.

Click the stop button when you’re done.  Ezvid will render the gameplay into Ezvid’s timeline where you can edit your video, add narration, text, music, and more.  When you’re done editing your video, You can upload your crazy Happy Wheels video to YouTube for the world to see.

To start making your own Happy Wheels videos, go to and download Ezvid for free today.