How To Make A Grepolis Gameplay Video


Grepolis is an online multiplayer RPG browser game where it is your duty to create and build up your own town or city in Ancient Greece.  If you want to record your skills or review the game itself, try using Ezvid.  Ezvid is a free video editor with a fully functional screen capture tool you won’t find in any other free video editor on the web.

To record your Grepolis screen cast, you must first download and install Ezvid from  Once open and running, click the “Screen recording” button.  The countdown will begin, and you will then be able to record your screen.

Open your web browser and go to to begin playing the game.  When you’re done, simply click Ezvid’s Stop button.  Your screen capture will automatically rendered into Ezvid’s timeline, where you can edit and upload your video to YouTube.

It’s that easy.  Visit to download Ezvid for free today.