Free Screencast Maker for Windows

Free Screencast Maker For Windows

If you are into screencasting and are looking for a free screencast maker for Windows then here’s a new screencast software for you called Ezvid that can do more than just screencasting, as it can do speech synthesis and at the same time, edits your screencast videos by adding some cool effects onto it – it’s the world’s first video maker that integrates screencast and speech synthesis all in one software! No sign ups! Leaves no watermark! Just download Ezvid Screen Capture and you will have it.



Ezvid’ newest feature now includes screen capture and speech synthesis. With its screen capture capability, it becomes one of the best alternatives to paid screencasting tools such as Camtasia or free ones like, Fraps, HyperCam, TipCam, Webinaria, and other online web-based screen recording applications.

What’s unique with Ezvid?

It’s the world’s first video maker that integrates screen recorder and speech synthesis into one software. So not only it can do basic video editing but it can be used to capture screen for demos and how-to tutorials, and can be used to produce computer language through normal text using the “text-to-speech” (TTS) system and most of all, it is absolutely and 100% FREE. It’s simple, it’s slick and very easy to use!

It’s made for Windows and runs in a variety of Windows platforms including Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and XP SP3. It’s a very light application having a 0.96MB file size.

How does Screen Capture works?


Just click the “capture screen” button and it starts screen recording your desktop computer screen right away. So if you want to show off your gameplay videos, demos, and teach someone about something start with just one click of a button using Ezvid.

ezvid capture screen


Ezvid imports all captured screen recordings onto its timeline right away. No more conversion of format needed as it goes straight to Ezvid ready for enhancements – adding text slides, voice narration, background music, speed up/slow motion, and more.


Share your finished screencast to YouTube instantly by clicking the “upload to YouTube” button of Ezvid.  No need to convert files as Ezvid’s video format are well accepted by YouTube – it’s made for YouTube and uploads to YouTube quite fast.

Here’s a video that will explain more about Ezvid screen capture.


How does Speech Synthesis works?

Using this is pretty easy and very useful especially if you have instructional materials in the form of text slides. What it does is it reads the text you put in your text slide producing an artificial human language. Cool. See video below to visualize how speech synthesis using Ezvid works.


How does Video Editing works?

Whether you do screen capture or speech synthesis, you can always enhance this with Ezvid’s video editing capability.

If you want to slow down the speed of the media, you can by right clicking on a particular media slide and choose speed and it will prompt you to choose to either slow down or speed up.

ezvid speed feature | Free Screencast Maker For Windows

If you want to split a media slide, you may do that too by right clicking again the media file you want to split and then choose split and it will splice the media file right away into two separate slides.

ezvid split | Free Screencast Maker For Windows

Ezvid saves your projects automatically and you can always go back to your saved video file by clicking the “load project” icon. In the load project icon, you can either duplicate the project, delete, or edit the file again.

ezvid load project icon | Free Screencast Maker For Windows

Ezvid has a default music that serves as a background to your screen capture or speech synthesis so whenever you create one, it automatically adds a background music. Don’t worry as it won’t override the audio and it’s 100% safe for use when you upload it on YouTube as all tracks are copyright-clean.

ezvid music library |

Ezvid also shares to YouTube instantly with just one-click of a button. When you are finished with your video production and wanted to share it with friends and on YouTube then Ezvid is definitely able to do that. No need to convert files as Ezvid’s video format are well accepted by YouTube – it’s a video maker for YouTube and works perfectly great for this task

upload to youtube | Free Screencast Maker For Windows