Free Screen Capture Software For Windows

Free Screen Capture Software For Windows

Are you looking for a free alternative to paid screen recorder software for Windows these days? Then get Ezvid – a free screen capture software for Windows. Try it and make a difference. With Ezvid, you can make lots of instructional videos perfect for your how-to tutorials, class presentations, school projects, gameplay videos, and lots more.

What’s new with Ezvid?

Ezvid’s latest release introduces two new awesome features – speech synthesis and screen capture. With Ezvid’s screen capture feature, it gives you the ability to capture your computer screen and edit it right away on Ezvid’s timeline. It’s very easy to use. It’s simple yet slick! It’s Windows 8-ready and runs with Windows 7, Vista and XP Service Pack 3 as well.

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To make a screen capture or screen recording using Ezvid, you just need to click the “capture screen” icon and it starts recording any activity that happens on your desktop/laptop screen. But it’s not yet able to customize area of capture so it captures everything even your mouse movements. However, one thing to note is during screen recorder, it does not capture at the same time the audio yet. But you can always record your voice or make a narration using Ezvid’s “record voice” feature. With this, you are able to do a narration and thus perfect for making instructional videos or for gameplay videos.

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ezvid record voice | Free Screen Capture Software For Windows


Enhance and Edit

Using Ezvid able you to edit what you have just recorded. Once screen capture is finished, the media is being imported right away to Ezvid’s timeline ready for editing and enhancement. It has been automatically saved as well and you can always go back and edit when you click on “load project.” So once it’s on the timeline, you have the option to speed up or slow down the media clip/image or you can split one file into two, duplicate it if you want, or even delete the file if it’s a reject. So you have the liberty to freely edit your clips on Ezvid.

ezvid timeline | Free Screen Capture Software For Windows

load project with ezvid | Free Screen Capture Software For Windows

Share to YouTube

Probably the easiest way to upload videos to YouTube is by using Ezvid as you just have to click “the upload to YouTube” button and you can share it instantly to YouTube and when on YouTube, it lets you share to other popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or even embed your video on any blogging platform. Whilst some requires you to convert to a working format that YouTube allows, you don’t have to do this with Ezvid as Ezvid’s video output is accepted by YouTube 100%.

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Want More?

Ezvid Music Library – comes with the download of Ezvid are a library of free music you can make as a background for your video. The default music being added to your video is “kentish town” but there are actually lots more when you click the drop-down menu. What’s so nice with Ezvid’s free soundtracks is that it is 100% copyright-clean thus very safe for YouTube use. Plus, it will not override any narration you have for your video as it just adds as a background making your instructional or gameplay videos even way better. So how cool is that?

ezvid music library | Free Screen Capture Software For Windows

Speech Synthesis – this makes Ezvid the world’s first free video maker to integrate speech synthesis feature onto its system. With speech synthesis feature, you can now produce artificial human voice from the text you created – called “text-to-speech” system. So what it does is it reads the texts you created. Just hit the “synthesize speech” icon and you have it.

Coming Soon!

Shift + F11 to capture gameplay!

ezvid feature | Free Screen Capture Software For Windows

So there are a lot of awesome things you can explore and do with Ezvid. It’s all perfect for any video slideshows, picture slideshows, instructional videos and gameplay videos. So choose whatever you like to make and then use Ezvid. Not only it’s easy to use but most of all, it’s totally FREE. So go get and download Ezvid now and start making more videos for YouTube.