Free Legal Music Library For YouTube

Free Legal Music Library For YouTube

Are you looking for some free legal music that is not violating YouTube copyright infringement policy?


Background music spice up your videos especially if you are into making educational videos such as how-to tutorials, entertainment videos like compilation of funny videos or parodies, or even emotional videos – dramatic scenes. However, the most common problems emanating in YouTube is video getting muted or account being deleted because of copyrights violation. Many YouTubers have been using music tracks that are copyrighted material and so how can you get music that is copyright-clean? Well, I can tell you a legit and free resource you can use for YouTube. There are two I can name and which I trust as I’ve already tested it out and it worked perfectly – my videos were not deleted.

Ezvid Free Music Library

Ezvid is a free video maker for YouTube. Comes with the download of this software are royalty-free music from Aalborg Soundtracks and 009 Sound System. They have the coolest tracks ever and their music even go viral in YouTube. So when you have downloaded Ezvid and installed it on your computer, open Ezvid and in the Ezvid music section there are about 20 music tracks that you can use as background music for your videos. Just hover over a song and it will play automatically giving you an easy access to listen right away with each song.

ezvid free legal music for YouTube | Free Music Library For YouTube

Use some of these tracks and I assure you your videos will not get muted or account being deleted.

If you’re not using Ezvid, however, there is a great solution call Aalborg Soundtracks, which can be freely downloaded and used in any YouTube videos.

Get the Aalborg Soundtracks for free by clicking here: free legal music for youtube.


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