Free FastStone Capture Alternative for Windows

FastStone, a screen capture and image editing freeware available for Windows, is arguably best known for its capabilities to convert image files in a breeze and, of course, their screen recorder.


However, all of FastStone’s elements are not contained in one package, therefore, not everything is “freeware”. Their Image Viewer download is completely free, but you better crack open that wallet for the Screen Capture software. And it’s kind of a bummer when you’re a hard core gamer, probably unloading who know’s how much $$ on games just to shell out even more $$ for a one time download.

It is nice that FastStone saves files in an array of formats and offers editing tools such as resizing, cropping, sharpening, and watermarking. Also, users can send captures in several ways; i.e. printer, file, clipboard, and email. Cool.

So here’s the bottom line — the upside to FastStone: 30 day-free trial; the downside to Faststone: 30 day-free trial. After that, it will cost you $19.95, updates not included.

So, what about an alternative? Does a screen capture and video editing freeware exist, and if so, do users have to compromise high resolution and a bundle of editing tools simply because it is freeware?  Yes, and no, thanks to Ezvid.

Download Ezvid from here.

Ezvid – the video editor with screen recording, drawing tool and background music, that’s fully integrated with YouTube. The best part? Ezvid is 100% FREE. Don’t we all feel better about this already?

Ezvid conveniently runs on all Windows versions from Windows XP, Vista, 7 and even on the newly released Windows 8. And don’t panic if you’re not a gamer, and are simply looking for an editing freeware to fit your novice needs – Ezvid is friendly on all users. When it comes to video editing, users can split movie files, duplicate files, trim and cut, and control the video speed all with the right click of your mouse. Rearranging media within the timeline is as easy as clicking and dragging – giving you the liberty to change the video sequence whenever you desire.

When it comes to screen recording, Ezvid captures in HD real-time and users can now pause and resume recording to their heart’s content; well, as long as it’s within Ezivd’s 45 minute timeline. But not only is Ezvid great for recording your screen, it’s also a great photo and video slideshow maker. It’s capable of handling all types of video formats, and can import groups of photos without hassle. Users can also add more flair to their video with the text tool, microphone tool, speech synthesis tool, and drawing tool. Ezvid also offers a large list of music to accompany your video. It keeps getting better, and better, doesn’t it?

And unlike other “freewares”, Ezvid is joined directly with YouTube. No longer do users have to seek a third party software to convert video files, to be considered YouTube friendly! With Ezvid, all you have to do is press the “Upload to YouTube” button. That’s all you have to do, honestly.

So stop subscribing, stop signing up, and put your money where it belongs – in the bank. Ezvid makes video editing and screen capturing easy, fast, and simple without diminishing great quality. And if you still don’t believe me, I’ll remind you again – Ezvid will forever and always be free.